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Wood drill lewis 8.0x460mm
Special offer

Wood drill lewis 8.0x460mm

Starting at
€3.75 +VAT
  • For metal: 65
  • LED: *****2
  • Solvent - based paints and varnishes: 68
  • Temperature range: 90
  • Hair / brush height mm: 06
  • Mark: 09
  • Accuracy +/- mm: 0
  • Number of puller arms: 40
Hammerjack OÜ
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MAKITA 701W flat cutter

MAKITA 701W flat cutter

€213.23 +VAT
HUF 84,645.67
  • EAN: 0088381642071
  • Manufacturer: MAKITA
  • Manufacturer Code:
Csavarker Kft.
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Response time: usually up to 1 day
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Woodworking machinery

For efficient and precise woodworking you need the highest quality carpentry machines. Working elements, however, wear out during operation, so in our offer on our website you will find a number of spare parts that work well even in the most difficult conditions.

In this category you will find the best carpentry accessories at competitive prices. They come from proven and valued producers in many countries. They are designed by people who specialize in wood processing. Their quality is confirmed by the number of satisfied customers who equip their workshops and companies with the appropriate carpentry parts. For a full line of brand new utility items across industries, check out the rest of the categories.

Basic equipment for a carpentry workshop

Every woodworking company needs the right table. Carpentry work requires very high precision, therefore such an element should remain fully stable. The best models are equipped with handles, flexible mounts and holes that allow drilling in a lying position. They are adapted so that you can easily work with them using specialized devices. Carpentry machines do not damage working surfaces, which affects the versatility of this workplace. If you are looking for proven solutions, check what the producers are proposing on our portal. You will certainly find the right accessories for your woodworking workshop with us.

Wood cutting machines

The next devices you will find in this category are circular cutters. They allow you to make lengthwise, crosswise and diagonal cuts. Thus, they provide versatility when processing pieces of wood. They use circular saws of different diameters and blade sizes. On our portal you will find carpentry parts that can be used for cutting devices. Their quality and precision allow for accurate work without the need to frequently change the blades. If necessary, you can also stock up on circular sharpeners.

Surface smoothing devices

Useful carpentry machines, which can be found in most factories, also include grinders and sharpeners. Various types of them are available on our website. The first of them can be in the form of belt, spindle, cylindrical and multi-functional band-disk devices. Their task is to ensure complete smoothing of the surface and edges of a given material. They also come in the shape of portable handheld devices. Production plants can also choose carpentry machines in the form of workstations, which allow for extremely precise and quick changes in the material.

Useful consumables

In order to ensure the proper quality of your machines, you should take care of their regular service. It includes the replacement of wear parts that can be found on our website. The necessary elements include grinding discs, tape papers, grinding rollers and diamond sharpeners. Wheel sharpeners can also be used to give the disc teeth the factory sharpness. In places where carpentry machines are used to a large extent, this type of equipment will certainly work very well.

Other equipment for carpentry workshops

In addition to the above-mentioned devices and specialized equipment, woodworking companies also have feed mechanisms, sawdust extractors, band saws, presses, thicknessers, slotting machines and edge banding machines. Equipping the plant with these carpentry machines will provide the possibility of providing comprehensive services. You should remember to use only proven and reputable brands. Offers of such producers are visible in this category.

On our platform you will find carpentry accessories of the highest quality at attractive prices. Manufacturers specializing in equipping carpentry shops and designing consumables guarantee the highest quality goods. Please see all categories to view the full range of products. If necessary, our specialists will provide appropriate advice.