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Wire mesh pliers 190

Wire mesh pliers 190

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Stripping pliers

Insulation stripping pliers are quite a large group of specialized tools, with different designs and principles of operation, designed exclusively for stripping insulation from multi-conductor electrical cables. They are mainly used by electricians, a large group of service technicians of electrical equipment and components.

Insulation stripping pliers construction

Insulation stripping pliers have a lever construction and consist of a handle and either two cutting jaws, either cutting and slipping the insulation off the wire or gripping and stretching the insulation beyond its yield point and slipping it off the wire. In pliers with cutting jaws, the blades have either semicircular blades of a certain size or "V" blades with adjustable clearance. In this way the pliers only cut through the insulation and do not damage the copper wire. The simplest insulating pliers have front or side blades with one V-knife and a screw for setting the clearance size. More functional pliers have a number of semi-circular blades (usually 2-3) of a certain size and, for example, also make it possible to strip the outer insulation from round 3-conductor cables. With these pliers, the insulation is cut and removed from the cable by pulling it with the clamped jaws. Another type of pliers performs these two operations in turn and is equipped either with two blades with multiple semicircular knives of specific diameters and an insulation gripper or with two pairs of parallel blades of this type. In this construction the blades are interchangeable so that cables of different cross-sections can be stripped. Double edged pliers are used for stripping easily strippable insulation. For difficult to strip insulations (e.g. from Teflon, Silicone, Radox, Kapton, Rubber, etc.) or multilayer insulations such pliers with two pairs of blades are used. These tools are also equipped with a precise length stop.

Automatic pliers have been developed in order to facilitate stripping by eliminating the need for exact knowledge of the cross-sectional area of the wire and the correct selection of the size of the cutting socket. These tools have a pistol or oblong shape. With these pliers the insulation is cut by two "V" shaped knives on a length of wire determined by an adjustable stop and then slid off the wire. The cutting depth of the knives is set automatically. In these automatic wire stripping pliers the knives and length stop are interchangeable. This type of pliers is also equipped with a separate cutting edge, e.g. for cutting wire conductors. The last type of pliers are gripping pliers which stretch the insulation beyond its yield point and slide it off the wire. In their construction, two claws which are directly adjacent to each other are used to grip the insulation firmly. The operation of these tools consists first of all in clamping the insulation with the claws, and then in expanding the jaws, the consequence of which is stretching the insulation beyond its yield point and breaking it off, and then sliding it off the wire. These tools have a wide working range and are easy to use. They are designed for stripping soft insulation (easily removable). They can also be used to strip the top insulation of flat, 3-core cables used in electrical installations in buildings. There are many versions of these pliers differing in additional functions, such as cutting wires or crimping specific types and dimensions of connector lugs.

Insulation pliers are made from various materials: Chrome-vanadium steel, profiled hard steel sheets and also plastics (automatic pliers). Their handles are also made of different plastics. They are 1 or 2component as well as insulated to VDE standards.

Types of wire stripping pliers

We classify insulating pliers according to their working principle into: (2) cutting and slipping and (2) point cutting and slipping of insulation. With regard to the type of their main functionality - into: (1) insulating pliers with the additional functions of cutting wires and/or crimping connector ends and (2) cutting pliers (e.g. diagonal side cutters) with the function of insulating with size-determined semicircular blades.

Insulation stripping pliers main parameters

The technical parameters which characterise a wire stripping pliers are: overall length (mm), diameter (mm) or cross-section of insulated conductors (mm2, AWG) and weight (g).

Insulation stripping pliers applications

Stripping pliers are specialist tools for working with electrical wires. They are designed for electricians, electrical fitters as well as service technicians repairing and servicing electrical equipment, aircraft, machinery and vehicles. They are manufactured by Bahco, Beta, Facom, Gedore, Hazet, Knipex, NWS, Rennsteig, Stanley, Stahlwille, Wiha etc.