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Wire brushes

Wire brushes are specialist tools, which find their use mainly during repair and construction works. Their appearance does not differ from traditional models, however, their bristles are made of hard materials, which make it possible to peel off the top layer of various surfaces. This is most often a damage-resistant wire of steel, stainless steel, brass or nylon. The wire brush Wire brush is used to clean hard substrates, which are difficult to remove dirt - on our site you will certainly find the right brush for your profession. Do not wait and place your order now!

In this category you will find wire brushes in many types, the choice of which depends on the material you will work with. You can choose universal models or more specialized ones, such as wire brushes for rust, which will allow to remove even deep corrosion in the metal part. Extremely resistant to mechanical damage are in turn wire brushes brass. With their help you can clean the surface of paint, rust, plaster, mortar or adhesives. They are usually equipped with four-row tufts of wire - such thick and resilient bristle perfectly adjusts to the cleaned element. Another type, slightly different in construction from the other sponges, are the squeegees. These are simple rollers interwoven with wire bristles. They help to effectively clean the heating installation from soot accumulation and other dirt.

Round wire brush

The Wire Brush can have a variety of uses depending on the shape and type of material used. In this category, you will find wire brushes for power tools such as drills and sanders, which you can use during various types of renovation work, furniture restoration, or car body restoration. The Wire Brush for Drillers is mounted with a shank. Check out the wide range of companies offering their products on our portal and select available brushes with wavy wire for light dirt or with braided wire for more difficult dirt. You can also choose models with a wire with grain, with a straight wire or extremely durable brushes created from a combination of wire and plastic. Keep in mind that this type of wire round brush is quite aggressive and can leave furrows. If this happens, it may be necessary to sand the surface with special abrasives - you'll find these on our site, too.

The Wire Brush for Sander is mounted with an M14 thread. Due to the different shapes of the head, you will find different models with us. It is, among others, a butt brush, circular wire brush otherwise known as disc brush, brush, conical or pot brush. These last two types are ended with a cylindrical shank, and therefore are designed for drilling machines. The Round Wire Brush is very functional. With it, you can quickly clean metal surfaces and prepare them for further restoration work. On the other hand, rotary wire brushes are able to remove any post-renovation residues on metal surfaces, such as old adhesives or paints.

Both the drill wire brush and grinder wire brush are suitable for versatile applications in the construction and renovation field. Choose products that you can use to clean steel, wood and any other material. Despite appearances, wire brushes are also suitable for polishing and cleaning delicate and sensitive surfaces - it all depends on the type of wire used and the correct technique. Remember not to press too hard on the brush, as only the tips do the work. Doing so will not have the desired effect, and will only wear out the wire brushes used more quickly. Also check out our range of other tools and accessories for every industry. All products on this platform come from reputable manufacturers who guarantee their high quality. See for yourself!