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Window accessories

You can spend a long time choosing the right window and finally finding out that "something is missing". That is why there is a category Window accessories. Here you will find all the products necessary to make the most of the windows you have installed and to provide their users with all the comfort and features they need.

These include mainly blinds and shutters, window sills (outdoor and indoor), insect and smog nets, but also various fittings such as handles, locks, hinges and more. Before buying any window accessory, we recommend carefully measuring the place where you will place it on the window. Some accessories must fit exactly, otherwise they will not work properly (such as blinds).

Blinds and shutters

This is one of the most classic window accessories. Thanks to blinds or shutters, users of the building will have complete privacy and at the same time can prevent artificial or sunlight from entering the room. This is useful, for example, when they are about to sleep or watch a thrilling movie or series. At the same time, blinds and shutters help to reduce the temperature inside the room as the sun's rays rely relentlessly on the windows.

Most often you will find horizontal or vertical blinds or fabric blinds for interiors. However, outdoor blinds can also be useful for you, which, in addition to all the above-mentioned benefits, also provide an additional layer of window security (if they are made of solid materials, of course).

Indoor and outdoor window sills

Few windows do without an inner or outer sill. The inner ones are most often made of plastic or chipboard, but you can also come across those made of poly-marble. Although indoor window sills are not so tested by outdoor weather, it still pays to invest in quality pieces that will last you a long time. This is exactly what you will find on merX.

Due to the effects of rain, frost and sunlight, outdoor window sills are made of more durable materials than indoor ones. You will most often come across galvanized, poly-marble, aluminum drawn or bent aluminum window sills. Each of the materials has its advantages, which you will learn about directly in the description of individual products.

Insect and smog nets

These networks have been gaining in popularity in recent years, especially among homeowners, but they can be used to equip the windows of any building. If you do not want building users to be bothered by difficult insects or suffocated by smog, be sure to install these nets on the windows. Insect or smog nets are most often made of polyester and fiberglass, and are embedded in aluminum frames, which ensures long life.

Fittings, handles and other accessories

Each window must also be equipped with a handle or hinge, so you will also find these products here. The appearance of handles, hinges and other fittings can play a role in the selection, as many homeowners prefer a uniform look across all visual buildings.