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Welding wire

Welding, that is, joining different materials by heating and melting them, would not be feasible without the right tools. Only with high quality materials it is possible to create different types of products by welding. When using the MIG/MAG method, welding wire turns out to be indispensable. To a large extent, the strength and quality of the weld depends on its quality. In this category you will find various types of welding wires, which will significantly affect not only the comfort of the welder, but above all the quality of the weld.

Wire for MIG/MAG welding

MIG/MAG welding methods involve welding with an electric arc that is generated between the material to be welded and the material, which is welding wire. The wire is fed in continuously. It slides out of the holder and undergoes permanent fusion - the material from which the welding wire is made melts and mixes with the material being joined. Together these two materials form a so-called weld pool. When the tool moves away, the weld pool solidifies and the wire forms a permanent bond with the material to be welded. MIG/MAG welding is one of the most commonly used welding methods and cannot do without a well-chosen wire - which is why it is worth investing in the proposals available in this category. High quality Welding wire will allow you to reliably perform the work.

The advantage of these methods of welding is, above all, versatility, since the welding wire can help you weld different metals and their alloys. Moreover, MIG/MAG methods are more efficient than welding with covered electrodes and allow you to save money - the cost of welding consumables in MIG/MAG methods is relatively low. The welding wire also helps to achieve good quality welds. So if you need high quality wires - you will find them just in this category. Excellent precision will affect the final result of welding - welding wire will prove useful not only in shipyards, places of production of steel structures, pipelines and pressure vessels, but also during the implementation of other orders.

How to choose welding wire according to its thickness

For every welder, it matters what material the welding wire is made of - the material determines its thickness. The larger the diameter of the welding wire, the thicker the material you can weld with it, while the thinner the welding wire, the greater the depth and density of fusion you can achieve. Our offer includes the most commonly used wires for welding with a thickness of 0.8 mm and 1.2 mm. These are used in car workshops and locksmiths to weld, for example, car mufflers and fences. However, if you need thicker wire, pay attention to the specifications of the proposals in the section welding wire - you will also find in this category, wires with a thickness of 1.6 mm or even 2 mm. Choose the right welding wire on our portal and ensure high quality of your products.

Welding wire on reel and in drums

In this category you will also find self-shielded welding wire wound on a spool, which facilitates feeding the wire and ensures its free movement. On our portal you will find evenly wound self-consuming welding wire. This proposal will ensure trouble-free wire feeding. Another type is welding wire placed in so-called barrels. It is just as functional as a wire on a spool, but completely covering it additionally protects against electric shock.

In this category you will also find welding wire marked as G3Si1/SG2 and G4Si1/SG3, so you can match it to your needs and preferences. Choose the welding tip that will result in durable, smooth welds. You will certainly choose a satisfactory solution on our portal. Remember also to have a look at other categories, where you will find all the tools you need to make welding safe and effective. Remember not only about the right accessories and tools, but also about the protective equipment.