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Welding goggles

Welding is an extremely precise activity. Due to the risk of injury, it requires the use of appropriate protective clothing. It is most important to protect the eyes. During welding the eyes are exposed not only to light radiation, but also to metal splinters, which naturally occur during the welding process. To protect the eyes, properly fitted welding goggles are essential. It is this item that protects the eyes from irritation and the skin from burns. Protect your workers from dangerous radiation - certainly the welding helmet available on our portal will help you do it.

At work, it is important not only to provide workers with appropriate work clothes, but mainly to protect their heads and senses - especially sight, hearing and smell. In an aggressive environment that requires working with dangerous chemicals or exposes individual sensory tools in any way, protection is a must. In this category you will find welding goggles designed for welders. The offer consists of universal proposals, including welding goggles, from reputable brands, so you have a guarantee of their good quality and high degree of safety.

How to choose welding goggles

From goggles and welding goggles to visors and masks, you'll find a wide variety on the market. Health and safety accessories are extremely important, so you should choose them for the safety of your employees. One of the products you will receive from us are specialist welding goggles. They come in a version equipped with frames with filters or without frames - in the latter case the filters are located in the frame. The goggles will prove useful in gas welding and soldering.

The second type of products are welding goggles. They, too, may come in versions with and without frames. An important element, which is equipped with welding goggles, are shields on the side of the eye area, which protect against splashes. They are used in hard welding where they provide sufficient protection for the welder's health. Hard joints are used for carbon steels, tungsten steels, nickel steels, chromium steels, as well as gold, silver, bronze, copper and brass. Welds are made with the help of specialized torches, soldering lamps and induction soldering irons. The melting point of the joint exceeds 400o, so welding goggles are a must.

Welding visor - full face protection

In this category you will find not only practical welding goggles. The last option that provides full face protection is the welding visor. This is one of the most technically advanced variants of eye protection. It is a necessity when working with an electric arc welding machine. The Welding visor is also suitable for oxygen and plasma cutting.

In this category you will find automatic and passive visors - in the passive ones the welder decides which filters he will mount on the visor. It will prove useful during electronic welding with the use of lagging electrodes or mig welding. Automatic visors, on the other hand, are more advanced equipment. These models have optical and electromagnetic sensors, which are activated by the force of the field produced by the arc during welding. They automatically respond to changes in the field force lines. Self-darkening visors are professional products which comply with specific safety standards.

An alternative to a visor is a welder mask. Ventilated models allow air to be exchanged so that the welder can breathe freely. The comfort resulting from the reduced sensation of heat and low humidity is a definite advantage of the product - the welder mask with air supply is the ideal option. Welding masks and goggles are the products you will find in this category at attractive prices!

Good quality welding masks and goggles are essential when working for any welder. Regardless of the type of company, if the work in it also involves welding, then to adequately protect workers, visors and welding goggles are essential equipment. Made of strong and durable materials, they will certainly not disappoint. Convince yourself of the high class of products in this category - choose professional welding goggles and visors from our portal.