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Dishwashing equipment in gastronomy is an important part of the kitchen equipment. Depending on the needs and size of the room, a universal dishwasher will be a practical solution. Thanks to it, you can quickly and hygienically prepare dishes for the next guests. When installing a larger device, a special dishwasher support is very useful. For quick washing of dirty dishes, it is worth buying gastronomic taps with a sprinkler. All equipment can be ordered on the international MerXu online shopping platform. Thanks to it you can buy all products, not only from Poland. The platform includes offers from various manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers from countries such as the Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania and Slovakia.

Invest in equipment for the dishwashing machine

Dishwashing devices in gastronomy are extremely important because they allow you to keep all plates, bowls and cutlery in sterile cleanliness. Each washroom should have a free-standing washbasin that cannot be activated by hand, but by pressing the button with your knee or stepping on it. Catering taps with a sprinkler will help in quick and hygienic washing of dishes. Thanks to them, you can wash dishes from the first layer of dirt. The universal catering dishwasher will clean them even more effectively. There is also a deep, gastronomic sink and a worktop on which you can put dirty and clean dishes. It is worth remembering to keep the machines clean, and they will serve for many years.

Gastronomic dishwasher - universal help for every washing room employee

Commercial dishwasher (universal) is a machine that is easy to use, clean and service, which will certainly be useful in any dishwashing room. Its presence will allow for quick, hygienic and thorough washing of all dishes and cutlery. There are also pass-through and pass-through dishwashers on the market. The former is ideal for washing larger tableware, pots and containers, while the latter is very quick - it allows you to wash many dishes in a short time. It is also worth stocking up on dishwasher baskets, which will allow for efficient replacement of dishes in the dishwasher. It is also worth having a special trolley for transporting dishwasher baskets at hand, which will greatly facilitate the operation of the operator. Comprehensive equipment and accessories can be ordered thanks to the MerXu B2B platform.

Tools for washing dishes in gastronomy

If your restaurant serves ice cream, there should be a special washer for scoops and other small ice cream accessories, equipped with a cleaning system. A wall table with an open cabinet will help you quickly unload washed dishes taken out of the dishwasher. Do you need a dishwasher support? The MerXu platform will allow you to buy it quickly. Kitchen sink mixer, thanks to the chrome-plated and polished surface, it is easy to clean. Flexible hose allows easy maneuvering of the head.

A very good and effective solution is the gastronomic faucet with a sprinkler - thanks to it, the dishes will be washed quickly and hygienically. This type of product allows you to wash individual dishes under high pressure, which effectively removes food residues or dried stains. The equipment of the dishwashing room should be kept clean, so it is worth having carefully selected cleaning agents. Thanks to products dedicated to professional users, the place will be equipped in accordance with the requirements of individual institutions. A wide range of products can also be found in the other categories. Check available deals!

Kitchen sink faucet is a necessary equipment for a dishwasher. All the necessary equipment can be found on the MerXu shopping platform. Thanks to it, you can order devices, accessories or individual components from suppliers from other countries. Detailed descriptions allow you to get acquainted with the parameters and functions of the available equipment. Save your time and money by choosing to shop online.