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Warning tape

The safety of every person is a priority in every industry. Therefore, regardless of where you are, any losses on the road or repairs should be properly signaled. In our store you will find many products with which you can easily mark a place that nobody should approach for your own safety. One of the ways to properly mark the area is **warning tape *. This inconspicuous gadget can save someone's life, so you should always have it in stock.

Self-adhesive warning tape - for many applications

Self-adhesive warning tape is a reliable way to mark any defects on walls or in the floor. Due to its adhesive properties, the secured element is permanently marked. After all renovation work is over, it can be easily removed. Warning tape available in our store is resistant to cracking and is characterized by above-average durability, making it extremely practical. It is a reliable and cheap way to mark all elements, including those protruding and potentially hazardous to human health. Warning tape is the simplest and effective way to ensure the safety of people staying at the workplace or participating in a mass event.

Protective tapes can be divided into several types. Red and white tapes are available in two versions - without glue or with an adhesive layer. The latter is most often used on construction sites to mark and protect the entire site. It is perfect for marking dangerous places, including deep trenches or open sewage chambers. On the other hand, the version with glue is perfect for protecting sharp edges, protruding elements or places posing a particular risk. As a result, the risk of endangering the life and health of people in the vicinity is minimized. White and red tapes are also used to secure mass events, marking routes during sports competitions or family festivals to mark food and drink zones, passages and parking lots. The self-adhesive warning tape available from us is multifunctional and it is worth having at least one roll on hand.

Other warning tapes

Our assortment is so wide that you will also find safety tapes in yellow and black. Such elements mark all steps, thresholds, corners, entrances and exits, as well as low passages. It will be perfect for industrial plants, production halls or warehouses. By sticking them in places that require special care, each passerby or employee can safely perform their task. OHS tapes are suitable for covering both smooth and rough surfaces. They are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. This solution allows you to comprehensively protect each element. A warning will allow passersby to exercise appropriate caution. We have products from the best producers, so you can be sure that the warning tapes are made of the highest quality materials. They are durable and flexible as well as tear-resistant.

The warning tapes also include special yellow tapes that are used to protect flat surfaces or walls. They are usually made of a special PVC foil, resistant to abrasion, moisture, oils or chemicals. Thanks to this, it is possible to designate the appropriate communication routes, mark workplaces or mark the distance between positions. The offer also includes self-adhesive warning tapes, which show fluorescent properties. This solution is a great choice for all plants that work around the clock.

Protective tapes ensure the safety of everyone who works physically. Thanks to them, you can be extremely careful. It's a good idea to have a roll of product in your toolbox, which will help protect the area or protruding elements in an emergency. In our assortment you will find many rollers that will help you to mark each step appropriately or properly mark the path. Warning tape is affordable, which allows you to purchase more pieces. In our store you will also find many other practical products that help you stay safe. Balustrades, helmets, cleaning products - look at the other categories and see how you can keep your surroundings safe.