Warning signs

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Warning signs

Warning signs used in the electrical industry are mainly informative. Every space needs to be organized and, in addition, where electricity is present, potential hazards need to be communicated. Used in public spaces, warning signs prohibit or prescribe a particular way of behaving in a designated area.

Warning signs: characteristics

Warning placards mainly serve the function of warnings. They are designed to meet designated standards. They are classified as health and safety warning signs and often have different inscriptions. Their use is mandatory at designated facilities. Individual signs with verbal description, from the field of electrician warning signs are very understandable, so there is no problem with their observance by potential recipients. Usually, such signage refers to specific spaces in the workplace. Signs are always made in accordance with current requirements, with high-quality materials: non-luminous film or rigid PVC plate. They usually have a triangular shape and a black pictogram on a yellow background. Most often in the group of electrical warnings there is a characteristic OSH sign with an exclamation mark, informing about the presence of an electromagnetic field. This sign is used in marked zones. At the top of such a sign is a yellow triangle with a black border. Inside the triangle there is a black pictogram - exclamation mark, signalling: danger/warning. This high quality product is useful in many objects. Also characteristic is a plate with a lightning bolt, usually indicating: "Do not touch. Electrical device".

Most people are visual learners, so it is not surprising that the indicated placards are so widely used. Placing graphic warning signs in many places is considered a necessity. It is a duty that must be fulfilled by the owner of a particular object. If he does not do it, he must reckon with the consequences. The more so if there was an accident in a designated facility which would not have an information board. Therefore, this should not be underestimated. Health and safety regulations in this respect are extremely restrictive.

Warning signs: communicating danger.

Warning signs provide people in the designated area with information on possible dangers. In particular, they indicate that safety precautions must be taken. A simple message in a minimalist design must be understood by all in order to fulfil its purpose. The practical signs are made in a matt version, which makes them easier to read. In addition, they are designed in such a way that they can be efficiently fixed to the wall with special stickers. Signs informing about electrical hazards are usually made on rigid plates, so there is no risk that they could be damaged.

Everyday people may not realize how many situations their life is in danger. However, appropriate pictograms effectively inform about potential threats. They should always be posted in various facilities, plants, institutions, as well as on construction sites in accordance with health and safety regulations. Electrical warnings usually indicate high voltage, shock hazard on cables, wires or other equipment. The high quality of the signs and their availability in various sizes allow them to be used in a wide variety of spaces without problems. They can be easily mounted not only on walls, but also on flat surfaces of various types or on any devices, including electrical ones. Individual symbols indicate how to behave in a particular place or which activities to avoid. They are an ideal supplement to health and safety training for employees and a basic source of information for outsiders, staying at a specified time on the premises of a specific object. Warning signs are the basis for the safe use of many devices, affecting the level of safety of various people.