Ventilation and air conditioning

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Ventilation and air conditioning

Products from this category have been very popular in commercial buildings for a long time, but in recent years they have also become a hit in ordinary households, ie in flats and family houses. Products providing ventilation and air conditioning are designed to increase the comfort of users of the building or rooms and although we are no longer as widespread as in North America, you will find many different types in the menu, so you can choose exactly according to project requirements.

Ventilation using heat recovery units

Recuperation units are gaining popularity mainly among owners of passive or low-energy family houses. Thanks to them, they can save significantly on energy, because they will not leak heat from the rooms during ventilation.

Recuperation units are systems used for ideal air exchange across the entire building with absolutely minimal heat loss. It is a system of pipes, grilles and the units themselves, which lead the whole building and with minimal energy can keep the air fresh in the house and thus provide room users with ideal conditions for work or leisure. Another significant bonus is that thanks to the regular exchange of air, the formation of mold inside the house is effectively prevented.

Choose heat recovery units according to heat recovery efficiency, running noise, component quality (you don't have to save as a result by buying the cheapest model) and design can also play an important role.

Air conditioning for all types of buildings

The crucial point when choosing an air conditioner for your type of project will be its layout or size. A smaller unit is enough to air-condition an apartment, while for industrial buildings you choose more massive and extremely powerful air-conditioning units. The first step is therefore the choice of performance based on the place of use.

If you are building a family house or renovating an apartment, the design of the air conditioning unit may also be important. In today's good you will find very elegant looking air conditioners that fit beautifully into luxury houses or apartments.

The consumption of air conditioning will certainly also play a role. In general, the smaller the air conditioner you buy, the less electricity it consumes to operate. However, beware, it is common that the lower the consumption, the lower the power of the air conditioner, so it is necessary to calculate well what power you need and then look for models with this power and at the same time the lowest possible consumption. You can also select by airflow or noise values.

Types of air conditioners and additional functions

The most common types of air conditioners include wall, mobile, window, cassette or parapet. Before buying any model, measure well whether it will fit in the space where you want to put it and whether the building is ready for complete installation of the selected type of air conditioning (for example, do you know where the window outlet will lead, whether a particular wall can carry a heavy unit, etc.) .

Modern air conditioners have a number of features that can also play a role in your choice. These include tilting slats, thermostat, timer, remote control, air ionization, inverter or heat pump.