Traffic safety

Traffic safety

Road safety depends to a large extent on participants complying with the legal regulations. For this purpose, proper signage of roads, crossings and crossings is essential. The rules in force on the roads are aimed at minimizing accidents and the possibility of harm to the health of road users. To ensure a high level of safety for everyone, it is also necessary to secure the shoulder and the area around the road. For this purpose, road safety devices are installed. In this category you will find all the elements needed for their proper operation. Place an order and ensure the comfort of all road users.

Road safety devices

Traffic safety devices are any tools that are not road signs, but are used to guide traffic visually or to ensure the safety of road users. They are also road markings or elements informing about their closure. The first category includes guide posts, edge posts, guide boards, distribution boards, as well as obstacle posts and directing boards. The most popular and most frequently used for marking are guide posts. They are placed on the roadside. Each of the models (U-1a and U-1b) is equipped with reflective elements. Red posts are placed on the right side of the road, and white posts on the left side. Road safety devices , such as bollards, provide information about the road number, emergency number, kilometer and meter of the road on which a road user is present. Thanks to this, you can quickly provide the dispatcher with the necessary information in the event of such a need, for example in a road accident.

This category also includes obstacle posts that can be combined with a sign. This is a practical form of labeling. Edge posts are installed at intersections. Their task is to determine the geometry of the intersection. Moreover, they also facilitate turning. All types of posts are necessary roadside assistance for both beginners and experienced drivers.

Pedestrian safety

Pedestrian safety is also extremely important. In order to protect passers-by, speed bumps, speed bumps, special fences and road mirrors are installed on the roads. The speed bumps are designed to reduce the speed of vehicles moving on the road. Driving at high speed causes the wheelbase of the vehicle and discomfort for the driver and passengers, therefore crossing such a threshold requires reducing speed. Thus, the risk of hitting pedestrians is significantly minimized. They are usually made of rubber, so they are resistant to weather conditions and the pressure of multi-ton vehicles. The rocket thresholds work similarly. They are placed in a specific place on the road in order to reduce the speed of the vehicle.

Another important element is any fencing that protects pedestrians walking on the pavement. They are installed in particular in the vicinity of schools and kindergartens. Road safety devices are also mirrors. They serve drivers in places with limited visibility, in particular at intersections, access roads to the property, and bus stops. In turn, the blocking posts are used to limit the possibility of cars entering the pavement. Thus, pedestrians are provided with sufficient protection in the event of a car appearing in a place not intended for it.

Fire protection and traffic safety

Traffic safety also helps provide any road barriers and signage. They are especially useful in renovation sites where the road changes direction unexpectedly. This way, every driver will safely reach their destination. In the assortment of our store you will also find practical cones and tapes that allow you to protect the temporary place of work. Appropriate markings ensure traffic safety for both the people who run the robots and the drivers of vehicles.

In our store you will find all the products that are supposed to protect human life, health and property in the light of the regulations. This also applies to caring for the environment before a fire or natural disaster. Fire protection and traffic safety are to provide protection against the above-mentioned threats. You can find suitable articles for this purpose. Fire protection and traffic safety are important because they protect human life - that is why everyone has an absolute order to comply with the legal regulations related to it.

In this category you will find all the traffic safety devices necessary to protect human life. It is not worth saving on them. If you are a business owner or contractor, secure your workplace accordingly. Check out the other categories as well!