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Calibration of Manual Torque Tools

Since hand-held torque tools are measuring instruments that can become uncalibrated after some time of use, they must be periodically checked. These checks are carried out on torque gauges or special measuring benches, which are instruments that work on the basis of special mechanisms or electronic systems. Torque tools shall be inspected in accordance with the procedures specified in ISO 6789 and EN 26789:

  • at least once every 3-6 months in case of intensive use, e.g. high volume production, serial assembly, etc,

  • at least once a year in case of normal use, e.g. small series production, minor works, current maintenance and repair works, etc,

  • at least once every 2 years for occasional, irregular use, e.g. maintenance and repair work, etc.

If the torque tool is found to be out of calibration, it is readjusted, and if it is defective, it is repaired and then adjusted. After such a check or repair in the dynamometer service company, the tools are provided with an inspection certificate, which is an official document confirming their accuracy.

Torque Testers

Torque testers are devices used to calibrate hand-held torque tools. These include: a) screwdriver torque testers, b) wrench torque testers, and c) electronic digital torque testers, as well as supporting devices such as measuring benches for torque testers and electronic digital torque testers. These devices are offered by Bahco, Facom, Gedore, Hazet and many others.