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Port port 25x9 (M7-M9) `

Port port 25x9 (M7-M9) `

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  • EAN: 4014691170573
  • Manufacturer: BOHRCRAFT
  • Manufacturer Code: 44001502509
  • Production country: DE
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Tapping machines

Threading is not only internal threading, i.e. shaping of holes, but also external threading, i.e. modification of cylindrical surfaces of objects. Due to the variety of threading methods, a suitable machine must be selected for the material to be machined - one indispensable piece of equipment are threading machines. They are used to cut threads of larger external diameters - this tool is extremely useful especially for threading pipes. Properly performed threading is essential in the process of machining in many workplaces and professional workshops - on this platform you will find excellent quality threading machines, which will improve the work and significantly facilitate it for employees.

Threading with threading dies

Tapping machines are tools that are used for machining threads. The threading method is productive and economical due to the low amount of downtime during the operation of the machine, the high metal cutting speed and the long life of the threads produced. The process of threading is important in many industries, so if you run a multi-industry operation, threading machines are the ones that will provide optimum results. Good quality devices are easy to use, so they can be used by professionals and novice technicians. However, it is important to remember about the correct operation of the equipment and respect for safety rules when starting it up.

Pneumatic tapping machine is powered by compressed air, just like other pneumatic tools. It has significantly more performance and power than its electric-powered alternatives and is lighter in weight. It is therefore suitable for specialist trades that require a durable tool for use in extreme conditions. Pneumatic Taps are activated by a button or lever. Once the thread is made, the pneumatic tapping machine slides smoothly out of the material with a built-in self-reversing mechanism, which promotes precise work.

Threading machines are devices that come in the form of straight or pistol models. Some versions can also be automated to produce a repeatable end result. This allows you to achieve good quality threads. It also increases the comfort and efficiency of the work. Threading machines will certainly come in handy not only on production lines, but also in all places dealing with professional metalworking or wherever it is necessary to make a precise threaded hole.

Hand operated pneumatic threading machine

A standard pneumatic tapping machine consists of a knob and a tapping head. On our portal you will find not only tapping machines in sets, but also a wide selection of tapping heads to suit your needs. Threading heads are subject to wear due to operation - so it is worth taking care of appropriate replacements. Pneumatic threading machine is a simple device in operation - the pipe to be threaded is mounted in a vice for pipes, then the required head size is placed in the holder and the clutch latch is set to the right-hand working movement, and the head sleeve is placed on the end of the pipe. The head is pushed to the pipe and pressed firmly, making a rotary working movement with the knob. In this way, the knives located in the head cut the thread. After the thread has been cut, the clutch latch is set to a counterclockwise rotation and the head is unscrewed from the thread. The pipe threader you'll find with us may not only be a handheld model - gun versions are also available. Certainly, a properly selected pipe threader will do the job.

When choosing a pipe threader, it's not only the material you'll be threading on that matters, but also the final thread size. The material can be steel, aluminium or plastics with heterogeneous material compositions, while when it comes to size, the standard threading range is from M1 to M16. You can find this information in the product specifications on the website. RPM, working pressure and feed input are also important parameters when making a selection. Find the right products for your industry. Check out the other categories as well.