Thermal treatment

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Thermal treatment

Equip your restaurant with professional HoReCa equipment. The wide offer includes high-quality stainless steel furniture, food warmers, gas stools and other equipment necessary in restaurants, bars and hotels. gastronomic fryers or electric pans are perfect for canteens or catering companies. Thanks to well-thought-out solutions, you will improve the operation of your premises and improve work efficiency. The devices will effectively support the work of your employees. They will facilitate the organization, which will translate into faster performance of duties. Bet on equipment from the best manufacturers and place an order today!

Food warmers - the best solution for restaurants

Managing your own restaurant is not an easy task. There are many things to keep in mind, such as the supply of food and equipment, as well as the careful selection of qualified staff. Appropriate selection of devices will successfully facilitate running a restaurant. Efficient gastronomic induction cooker or with gas burners will allow chefs to prepare perfectly dishes that will delight their guests. Food warmer keeps food warm for longer. It is a useful device especially when you propose dishes in the form of a Swedish buffet.

Gas ​​stools with burners of different power will also be useful for dining options, which will allow for even heating of the bottom of the vessel, and thus faster preparation of dishes. Restaurants, bars and canteens should also be equipped with gastronomic fryers, which will speed up frying. Food warmers will make it easier to prepare for larger parties. They will also be useful when organizing refreshments during trainings and conferences. Choose a device of the highest quality.

Food fryers - a quick way to prepare fried dishes

Electric deep fryers are devices that allow you to fry not only French fries, but also other dishes. When choosing, it is worth considering the size and demand of the premises. You should also choose a convection-steam oven, which will allow you to fry, grill, stew and steam. Food warmer will help to keep food at the right temperature, which will facilitate the preparation of larger portions. It is a useful solution when organizing all kinds of occasional parties, as well as for catering companies.

Catering kitchen with an oven is a device that no restaurant, bar or event company can do without. A high-power gastronomic microwave oven will also be useful, which will improve the operation of the premises. Thanks to it, you can quickly defrost meat, vegetables and other products needed to prepare a dish, as well as heat up ready-made dishes.

Electric pans - improve the operation of your premises

The gastronomic frying pan is a device with a large working surface that allows you to quickly fry and stew dishes. Thanks to the manual tilt function, draining the fat is not a problem. Electric pans, as well as gas pans will improve and speed up the work. This is an invaluable support, especially for larger venues. The offer also includes grills and kebab meat grills. Capacious electric kettles will allow you to prepare a large amount of hot drinks, and soup kettles are a perfect device for catering companies and hotels to keep the temperature of the first course.

In bars, gas stations and other establishments, a gastronomic microwave oven and grill plates will also be a useful device. The offer also includes high-quality wok, pancake or multifunctional pans. Bet on equipment from recommended producers and equip your premises with devices that will facilitate the preparation of even large amounts of dishes. Also browse the other HoReCa categories - you will find there stainless steel furniture and accessories necessary in every restaurant, bar, canteen and hotel. They will also be useful in catering companies and at gas stations or in fast food establishments. Choose the best solution for your gastronomy and order everything in one place.