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Terrace screw 4.8x90 A2 brown stainless
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Terrace screw 4.8x90 A2 brown stainless

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€0.33 +VAT
  • Min. section radius: 4.880
  • Vibration level m / s² (3D):: TX255
  • LED: *****2
  • Head shape: 4.82
  • Length m: 4.845
  • Application temperature: yes3
  • Max. cutting power soft: 6
  • m2 weight: 4.815
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In this category you will find everything you need to build garden terraces. When building a terrace, it is not only about the material (most often wood or concrete), but you must also think of all other elements such as connecting materials, fencing and possibly the construction of the smokehouse or anything that should be on the terrace.

Probably the most popular material from which today's terraces are built is wood. No wonder, because this material looks very natural in the garden, looks at it well and if it is treated with a quality paint, it will last a very long time. It is true that a number of terraces are also built of classic masonry or stones, but this simply depends on the wishes of the owner of the terrace.

Everything for the construction of a garden terrace

Natural wood is a favorite of many terrace owners, so in this category you will find everything you need to construct it from this material. You can use the underlying prisms as supporting gratings and the pads will take care of a stable connection of the terrace with the surface below it. We recommend that you pay enough attention to the choice of pads at all, because you will most likely want the height-adjustable ones. Thanks to this, you will be flexible when building the terrace and you will choose exactly the height you will need.

The wooden planks themselves are thus placed on mats and prisms, and their surface is often serrated. Not only aesthetics play a role in this, but mainly the fact that thanks to these ridges it is not so easy to slip on the terrace. This is especially useful in rainy seasons.

Heat-treated wooden planks for terraces

When choosing wood, you can reach for either Czech variants or more exotic woods. The latter are often more interesting in appearance and durability, but are again more expensive. The solution can be thermally treated terrace boards, where manufacturers take classic Czech wood and, thanks to the right amount of heat, impart extraordinary durability and also better dimensional stability. If you are looking for a beautiful material for building a terrace, which in some cases has a warranty of over 30 years, be sure to look for heat-treated terrace boards. You will not be disappointed.

Special oils extend the life of the wooden terrace

If you want to maximize the life of your wooden terrace while maintaining its natural appearance, we recommend purchasing special terrace oils. These oils prevent the wood from fading and protect it from drying out. The terrace will look like new for much longer.

Wood-plastic terraces

We will also mention the material, which is also very popular. Composite wood-plastic material is used for the construction of terraces mainly due to its strength and resistance to rot and parasites. It also resists mechanical damage well and is essentially maintenance-free.

Whatever material you decide on, always calculate how much material you will need and then we recommend that you buy a little more. For example, if one of the boards or mats is damaged on the construction site, you can be sure that the construction of the terrace will continue without interruption thanks to the reserve material.