Technical chemistry

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Threading oil 5L Rems
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Threading oil 5L Rems

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  • For metal: 65
  • Solvent - based paints and varnishes: 68
  • Temperature range: 90
  • Hair / brush height mm: 06
  • Mark: 09
  • Accuracy +/- mm: 0
  • Number of puller arms: 40
  • LED: 2
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Technical chemistry

Technical chemistry available in our assortment are professional and efficient products used in industrial plants, repair workshops and mechanical workshops. Here you will find high-class sealants and assembly fluids, as well as modern oils and greases and a wide selection of products such as:

  • alkaline industrial cleaners and agents intended for contact with stainless steel and electrical contacts,

  • lubricants based on copper, silicones, Teflon, PTFE, lithium and graphite,

  • epoxy, cyanoacrylate and anaerobic adhesives and dedicated to fixing threads,

  • specialized penetrants, activators and primers,

  • ecological mineral oils, synthetic and multifunctional,

  • auxiliary preparations for metals, plastics, electronics and welding and petroleum jelly,

  • sealing substances based on polymers, silicones and butyl.

You can also find innovative lubricating pastes based on copper and aluminium, as well as metallic and wax coatings. All products meet rigorous industrial standards and have appropriate approvals and approvals. They are safe for humans as well as for animals.

Efficient sealants and assembly fluids at a low price

In our offer technical chemistry you will find efficient sealants and assembly fluids at a low price. They create effective and durable sealing compounds resistant to unfavourable weather conditions and a wide temperature range. They can be used in places exposed to significant moisture and the development of fungi and mold. They protect the interiors against cooling down and perfectly fill all kinds of gaps and gaps. They are resistant to UV radiation and reactive chemicals.

Specialist technical chemistry for sealing and assembly of components is widely used in construction, vehicle mechanics, and heavy industry. Polymer-based sealants have an excellent molecular structure that ensures a long service life of the seals they use. Modern epoxy and cyanoacrylate adhesives allow for effective and durable assembly of various types of machine elements and home furnishings, as well as public utility buildings.

Ecological oils and lubricants for industry

The ecological oils and greases for industry included in our assortment are modern technical chemistry, which are reliable solutions that improve the quality of work of moving machine elements. It increases their service life by reducing the frictional forces between the components. It prevents mechanical wear, ensuring high failure-free operation. An additional aspect of the action of oily substances and lubricants is the fact that they perfectly cope with deposits and protect system parts against corrosion and rust.

High-class oils and greases are innovative solutions in the field of technical chemistry, which keep the working systems of machines and vehicles in perfect condition and clean. They provide additional sealing and resistance to oxidizing phenomena. Depending on the needs, they can also have special electrical properties, as is the case with products used in the operation of transformer stations. At the same time, thanks to their biodegradability, they are ecological.

Choose modern and cheap technical chemistry!

The products that you can find here are modern technical chemistry, available at an attractive price, including a wide range of products such as oils and greases and sealants and assembly fluids. Specialized solutions are based on substances with physicochemical parameters that allow them to come into contact with metals, glass, wood and plastics.

The products for construction and industry offered by our online store are the necessary solutions for the effective assembly of various types of structures, as well as the reliable operation of machines and devices. Take advantage of our professional offer of modern technical chemistry and choose efficient oils, lubricants, sealants and adhesives at a low price! We provide professional advice on their selection!