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This category includes gastronomic cutlery, serving trays, glasses, cups, restaurant plates, as well as many accessories necessary for cooking, frying and baking, such as shelves, baskets for a deep fryer or dishwasher containers. Thanks to products such as trolleys, it is much easier for waiters to serve dishes, and after the meal is finished, collect the tableware from the tables. On the Merx purchasing platform, every entrepreneur will find products suitable for the HoReCa industry. High-quality gastronomy equipment can be ordered without leaving your home. Online shopping saves you time and money. Thanks to Merxu you will find many necessary accessories or devices that come from many different suppliers. Thanks to this, you can freely compare prices and take advantage of price opportunities. Choose the right products and order them to your premises today!

Catering cutlery

Every restaurant should have a special cutlery polisher. This small device, made of stainless steel, allows you to prepare up to 3,000 pieces of forks, spoons or knives per hour. It is worth choosing a model equipped with a UV lamp, which additionally hygienically disinfects gastronomic cutlery. This saves time on manual polishing. After removing the accessories, they can be placed in appropriate containers, which are also offered by suppliers.

In this category you can find all kinds of knives - for bread, cheese, meat, vegetables and fish. Thanks to the coloured handles, the employee will be able to easily distinguish which type of food is dedicated to. A special meat fork allows for precise cutting and serving of roasts, ducks or other types of dishes directly to the customer in an elegant way. A slotted spoon and a spaghetti spoon will significantly facilitate the application of all kinds of pasta and noodles on the plates without getting them dirty.

Catering tableware

Tableware for restaurants is an indispensable element of the equipment of each restaurant. It is worth making sure that it is made of durable, scratch-resistant materials. Minimalist cutlery can be successfully cleaned by any dishwasher and beautifully polished by a high-quality electric polisher. On the Merxu shopping platform, you will find high-quality tableware dedicated to gastronomic establishments. Cups, glasses, restaurant plates and many other practical accessories can be ordered via the website with delivery to a restaurant or company. Safe, fast and convenient!

Serving trays enable proper serving of individual dishes, as well as quick collection of dirty tableware. A wooden grinder for pepper or salt will allow each customer to season the dish as they wish. Aesthetically made and the small ones look great on tables, while products with a large capacity will do their job well in the kitchen. Restaurant glasses and gastronomic tableware should meet the highest standards, thanks to which your customers will be satisfied with your services.

Table covers

Do you run a catering or event company? The practical, minimalist table covers will certainly be useful. These are flexible materials that will make each piece of furniture look modern and stylish. They can be found in universal colors - black, gray or white, but also slightly bolder like green or gold. Table covers, thanks to the content of spandex and elastane, you can stretch the entire height of the furniture, including the legs. The material adapts to the shape of the furniture, thanks to which the whole looks aesthetically. These types of accessories can be successfully washed in the washing machine.

High-quality table cloths protect furniture from scratches, stains and spill damage. They are perfect for parties, weddings and elegant dinners, both in restaurants and hotels or at events. Various variants and sizes will allow you to match the appropriate model to your furniture. Thanks to the waterproof properties, the material does not absorb water, which allows you to wipe the top quickly. Like the covers, the tablecloths can be washed in the washing machine, which makes it much easier to prepare for the next working day.

Catering tableware is an important element of the equipment of every restaurant, catering company or organization of banquets and events. Order dedicated equipment with delivery. Thanks to this, you will complete all the necessary products that will allow you to serve dishes and are easy to clean. Choose the missing elements and improve the operation of the kitchen and catering service.