Suspensions and shock absorbers

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Suspensions and shock absorbers

The vehicle's suspension system must be in perfect technical condition. The individual suspension parts bear the entire weight of the body, not only while driving, but also when parked. The safety and comfort of travellers depends on them, because they are responsible for damping all unevenness and vibrations. Additionally, the suspension is responsible for maintaining the proper adhesion of the wheels to the ground. It is worth investing in the highest quality components that will ensure a high level of comfort and allow for a stable ride.

The role of the vehicle's suspension system

The individual suspension parts combined in one unit are primarily responsible for a comfortable and safe ride. They affect the efficiency of driving a car. In addition, they simultaneously perform various functions that ultimately ensure the correct braking distance, effective elimination of vibrations, traction of the wheels during bumps and bumps on the surface, and the correct operation of electronic sensors. All this is influenced by the way the suspension of cars is assembled and its technical efficiency.

During traditional distance travel and smooth driving in accordance with the rules of the road, the vehicle is not exposed to overexploitation. However, unforeseen situations related to, for example, sudden, sharp braking and unexpected avoidance of obstacles generate extraordinary forces. In such a situation, all parts of the suspension must function fully as they are responsible for the correct tilt of the vehicle and keeping the wheels from slipping.

Components of the car suspension

To ensure proper driving of the car, each suspension consists of a number of components that perform various functions. On our website you will find auctions of renowned companies on the market, among which you will choose the highest quality products at attractive prices, which include mainly shock absorbers. Suspension parts also include any elements guiding the wheel, such as wishbones or rods, as well as springs. Among them, the most popular are coil springs or leaf springs. However, shock absorbers are considered to be the most important component.

Shock absorbers are responsible for damping vibrations and proper pressure of the wheels to the ground. They indirectly determine the operation of ABS and ESP, as malfunctioning of these suspension parts generates erroneous values ​​being sent to the control systems. The stiffness of the suspension is regulated with the help of shock absorbers. It is responsible for obtaining the correct wheel travel under load. In this category you will find shock absorbers in both double-tube and single-tube designs. The choice of the appropriate model depends on the type of gas applied to the inside of the shock absorber at different pressures. This affects the operating characteristics of the suspension, road behaviour and driving comfort.

The wishbones must also be added to the indispensable suspension parts. They can be oblique, longitudinal and transverse. It depends on the method of mounting and the suspension structure in a given vehicle. The control arm is responsible for connecting the car body with the steering knuckle. The quality of the elements and the technical condition affect the stability of the body and the safety of driving the car, so it is worth focusing on proven components from reputable manufacturers. In this category, you will also select stabilizers and connectors, which are responsible for levelling transverse tilts when turning, ensuring the grip of all wheels. Connectors are responsible for connecting the stabilizer with the swingarm, or in some car models - with the shock absorber.

Depending on the design, the entire suspension system can be more or less complicated. All suspension parts can be found in this category. They come from proven and reputable producers. Their use allows for comfortable driving and a high level of safety. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and our specialists will be happy to help you choose the right solution. Check also the other categories and choose the right accessories that will allow you to travel comfortably.