Stone in the garden

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Stone in the garden

Whether you plan to only beautify the garden with a stone or use it to build paths, walls or benches in the garden, then this category is for you. The beautiful thing about stone is that it can be used in many parts of the garden and built into it a number of practical, durable and aesthetically beautiful elements.

If you are just looking for inspiration for placing a stone in the garden, be sure to check out one of the popular video sites, where you will find literally thousands of examples of how to decorate a garden with a stone and what all the stone products you can buy. Buying a stone for the garden is a good hurry, there are many options and usually the garden is decorated with stone once in a while. So it's good to have everything carefully thought out.

Walls, paths or curbs

The basic uses of stones in gardens include paths made of stepping stones, often made of slate, marble or sandstone. Building paths across the stone garden is a great choice, not only because of its natural appearance, which fits nicely into the garden, but such paths are also extremely resistant to frost and mechanical damage. So you can count on the fact that you won't have to change the stone paths right away.

The same applies if you decide to make walls, curbs or benches out of stone. Count on their extraordinary durability.

You can also prepare the driveway for cars, rocks or stairs from the stones.

Stone garden fountains, troughs and flower pots

If you are looking for ready-made decorative stone products for the garden, we have good news. There are really many of them on the market. You can choose from stone fountains, troughs, flower pots, Japanese lamps, columns, statues or bridges. Fans of the animal kingdom will surely enjoy the rich selection of statues depicting owls, horses, tigers, dragons and other creatures.

Stone solitaires, columns and crushed stone for the garden

Other very popular stone decorations of gardens include stray boulders, which give the garden a natural and sometimes even wild look. Wild only seemingly, because these stones are placed on the gardens quite thoughtfully and the owners of these gardens know very well why they have them there.

Stone columns can also play an important role in garden decoration. For example, many people use them to delimit spaces with their favorite flowers or a place where they want to spend time in peace and solitude. Others take them only as a pleasant diversification of the garden.

Pebbles, small stones or crushed stone are also popular garden decorations. These often serve as a decorative element of gardens or are strewn around shrubs and trees.

The advantage of products in this category is the fact that one can let go of one's imagination and plan the decoration or practical elements of a stone garden exactly according to one's ideas. And it is up to us to provide all the necessary sandstones, basalt, limestone, granite or marl.