Steering systems

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Steering systems

The steering system and the engine form a key element of every car. Efficient components allow for safe driving of the vehicle, therefore it is necessary to ensure its efficiency by regularly checking its condition. If you need to replace a component, you will find all the necessary products in this category. Reputable manufacturers have ensured the highest quality of items available at auctions. Place an order and enjoy a roadworthy vehicle - bet on proven parts of the steering system!

Construction of the steering system

Despite the different designs, most vehicles traveling on the road have a similar steering system. It usually consists of a steering mechanism and a steering linkage. Their correct operation is essential for the entire steering to be fully operational.

The most visible element of the above sets is the steering wheel. In the most popular cars, it is used not only to control the direction of travel, but also to operate electronic systems in the vehicle. Later on, there is the steering column, transmission, linkages and steering knuckles. If the steering of the car is not working properly, it is dangerous to use the car. Regardless of whether you decide to replace a component yourself or you are the owner of a workshop - in this category you will find elements that will allow you to restore the smooth operation of the entire system.

Power steering performance

The steering system is light and precise during the actions performed, provided that the power steering is efficient. This has a linear effect on comfort and safety. When you notice problems with the operation of the system, it is worth analysing the steering accessories available in our online store. Depending on the fault, it may be a steering gear, steering rods or power steering fluid. Therefore, we recommend that you use the auctions visible in our store to find the necessary items. In some cases, the mere addition of fluid may help to reduce the performance of the booster and restore its efficiency.

In other cases, it may be necessary to replace the power steering pump. This part of the steering system is responsible for generating the correct pressure for the fluid circulating inside the system. A model dedicated to the car can be found at auctions on our website. Replacing this part of the steering system is relatively simple and requires little knowledge. You can make it on your own. First, remove the V-belt or V-ribbed belt, then drain the fluid and unscrew all mounting bolts. A new element requires a fresh belt, which you can buy in our store, as well as the power steering fluid that should be changed when replacing the pump.

How to replace the ends of the tie rods?

Depending on the model, the installation of new rods may be performed by the vehicle owner himself. If the user does not have a puller, he can do so without it. First, you need to raise the car, remove the wheel and unscrew the bolt of the end of the rod. At a later stage, a support is placed under the pin and the car is lowered a bit. Then you will be able to knock the element out of the switch with a strong hammer blow. Then, gently screw the cone into the holder again and unscrew the counter screw. In our store you can find auctions with the best parts of this system, including rods. The tips must be replaced and it is important to choose an element with identical values. The steering system is sensitive to changes and if the joysticks are of a different length, the wheel alignment must be set.

Other necessary parts

In addition to the above elements of the steering system, in the auctions visible on our website, you will find fluid expansion tanks, mangle, hydraulic lines, cross rods, oil coolers, controllers, sensors and many other mechanical and electronic accessories. We only offer proven and valued brands in the automotive industry - see for yourself and check the specifications of the various steering accessories in this category to find the right components. Their quality determines the service life of the entire vehicle, so do not use cheap replacements. Invest in the mechanics of your car, and you will have a long, trouble-free operation.