Starting and ignition

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Starting and ignition

An efficient ignition system initiates the moment of ignition of the fuel-air mixture. It must take place under strictly controlled conditions. That is why it is so important to use the right spare parts - you will find all the necessary elements in our offer.

Construction of the ignition system

Starting the car is possible thanks to many elements which, when working properly, make the car move. Problems with the ignition system are not only frustrating, but affect the safety and comfort of passengers and the longevity of the entire mechanism. Each of the components performs a specific role and affects the functioning of other components. In current engines, the ignition system usually consists of the battery, ignition coil, high voltage cables, spark plugs or glow plugs, crankshaft position sensor, ignition control unit and ignition distributor. In the event of problems with starting, visit our portal and select the appropriate components from a wide range of manufacturers!

The principle of operation of the ignition system

The initial element responsible for the proper functioning of the ignition system is the battery. Electricity is stored in it. The ignition system in combustion units uses a battery that is charged with an alternator while the engine is running. Current is sent to the coil to create a strong magnetic field. Subsequently, high voltage energy is generated which is transferred to the distributor and from it to the individual conductors. Hitting the candles, the voltage is discharged, which results in the spark jumping over. As a consequence, ignition of the mixture occurs.

The above principles of operation are common to all units with a spark ignition engine. In diesel engines, the mixture is ignited by the high pressure of the fuel and the heat generated by the glow plugs. Their operation is temporary and only includes start-up. Therefore, diesel engines are also called compression ignition units. In this category you will find accessories for the ignition system. Thanks to them, your car will be able to continue to function smoothly. If you are looking for a battery, alternator, high voltage cables or spark plugs, you've come to the right place. Products visible in our store's auctions will certainly solve your problems.

Replacement of defective elements of the ignition system

Importantly, many parts of the ignition system can be replaced by yourself. If you struggle with the misfire problem, you can use a special computer or smartphone application to find the cause of the fault. It can be in the spark plugs, high-voltage lines, ignition coil or on the injection side. Fortunately, the ignition system can be repaired in a home garage, and the necessary parts can be purchased on our website.

If the candles are damaged, it is a good idea to replace them complete. For this you will need a socket wrench or - in the case of some cars, a dedicated wrench in the form of a tube. Unscrew the spark plugs, gently insert the new ones and tighten them gently. This process takes a while and may eliminate the fault. Candles, keys and complete assembly kits can be purchased in our store in the relevant auctions. Check the specification of the replacements you need and improve your ignition system!

In many vehicle models, the coil is in the form of a single device that divides the current into specific candles or individual elements for each cylinder. Ignition requires working coils, and in the event of their failure, they can be replaced without any problems. They are usually located on the top of the engine and fastened with a few small screws. Unfasten the battery and cables and proceed to replacement. It won't take you long to unscrew a few screws and install a new element. You will find new coils, cables, batteries and other necessary accessories in this category.

Where to find good parts?

On our website you will find offers for many elements of the ignition system for cars. They are all made precisely and reliably, so you do not have to worry about the safety of their use. The offer includes parts from proven and respected manufacturers that will ensure long-term and stable operation of this important system. We also invite you to browse the other categories of our website to find all the components and accessories you need for your vehicle.