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The sphincters

Connectors are elements connecting individual, adjacent points in all types of connector systems. Used jumper connectors of various types, they simplify and reduce the amount of wiring in many types of electrical installations. Also sometimes called electrical bridges, they come in the form of comb bars, screw connectors screwed into the threaded sockets of bolted connectors. Connector jumpers are also plug-in devices for all kinds of quick-connect sockets in electrical fixtures. Electrical bridges are also in knife-edge form and are used in a wide range of building and industrial electrical installations.

Switches - Electrical System Bridges

The portable jumper allows you to significantly improve the transparency of your electrical systems. Depending on the type of connectors that are used in our system of current distribution and power supply of its individual components, appropriate current jumpers are used. Their construction in each case allows for continuous operation in nominal conditions of electric current flow in the installation. The load of individual components and bridge sections must be in accordance with the specifications of the electric line section in question. The use of jumpers allows to avoid individual wiring of individual receivers, measuring devices and sensors installed in switchgears and on mounting rails. The use of jumpers reduces the time of making connections and lowers the costs of building the installation.

Foot terminal blocks

Knife splices are simple devices used in power industry. We distinguish between insulated and non-insulated splices. They are made of durable and mechanically and thermally resistant metal, often with silver contacts. They enable their safe use with various types of fuse bases. They require special mounting holders for their application in accordance with the regulations. They are reusable and do not require special handling or maintenance. WT knife devices have several sizes depending on the type of cooperating fuse bases. Eti-Polam producer offers WT, WT-00, WT-1, WT-2 contactors in sizes NH, NH1, NH2, NH3 with operating current range from 160A to 690A.

Devices for threaded sockets

Current path mating devices for threaded connectors enable permanent and permanent connection of adjacent bolted connectors. They are used for many types of terminal blocks in industrial and building automation. Bridges for screw terminals have from two to more than a dozen current circuits. They are made of resistant and well-conductive material. Connections of this type reduce the risk of bad bridging of individual sections of electrical installations. An example of two track screw jumper responsible for shorting current tracks of threaded connectors is the MP 2-7 model from Eti-Polam, used for various types of series connectors with threaded bolts.

Plug-in bridges - spring loaded and other

Portable plug-in junction in the form of a comb bridge is a quick assembly connector. It provides a permanent and stable connection of individual pairs and rows of sockets of devices in which it operates. Couplers of this type have from two to several dozen connecting pins. Their use is fast and does not require special additional tools. The comb connectors work with a range of electrical equipment in 220 V AC installations e.g. with relays, power supply blocks and other types of connectors with sockets.

A group of devices for protective use in maintenance work is known as portable sphincters. This term covers a device having several contact rods with insulated handles, connected by additional wiring. The portable spike is used for earthing overhead and indoor low, medium and high voltage lines. Contact points with live cabling are equipped with a screw clamp connector or a clamping hook in the form of a snap-on clip, usually made of aluminum. The conductive material has excellent heat resistance properties and an adequate cross-section size. The most commonly used are Z-type devices, but also earthing switches for power fuse bases type U-BM or portable earthing switches for fuse sockets U-GB.