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Socket outlet Karlik GHE-1 White IP54

Socket outlet Karlik GHE-1 White IP54

€2.00 +VAT
PLN 9.25
  • Manufacturer: Karlik
  • Manufacturer Code: GHE-1
  • EAN: 5903292631134
  • Suitable for degree of protection (IP): IP54
  • Mounting method: Other
  • Colour: White
  • Nominal voltage: 250
  • Max. switching current: 16
Response time: usually up to 2 days
Cylindrical socket 5T, 216-446mm
Special offer

Cylindrical socket 5T, 216-446mm

Starting at
€32.67 +VAT
  • Luminous flux: ***3
  • For metal: 65
  • Solvent - based paints and varnishes: 68
  • Temperature range: 90
  • Hair / brush height mm: 06
  • Mark: 09
  • Working time: ***5
  • Accuracy +/- mm: 0
Hammerjack OÜ
verified supplier
Response time: usually up to 1 day
Front bezel pushbutton Karlik 7DR-4

Front bezel pushbutton Karlik 7DR-4

Starting at
€2.59 +VAT
PLN 11.96
  • Manufacturer: Karlik
  • Manufacturer Code: 7DR-4
  • EAN: 5903418063337
  • Suitable for degree of protection (IP): IP20
  • Mounting method: Flush mounted (plaster)
  • Colour: Metallic silver
ASAJ Sp. z o.o.
verified supplier
Response time: usually up to 2 days
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Sockets and switches

Sockets and switches in electrical installations are transmission and control devices. The electrical installation of each building requires their use. Electrical installation equipment which are sockets and switches are designed to work in low-current networks for all lighting lines in both dwellings, single-family housing, offices, commercial buildings or technical premises of all kinds. Modern design and a variety of available models makes it possible to match sockets and switches to any room.

Electrotechnical equipment in the form of various types of protective elements in which the electrical installation is equipped, allows for safe routing and hiding cables in different types of installations. The use of installation boxes, quick connectors, ties, cover strips or cable trays and ladders, facilitates the design, construction and upgrading of various types of electrical lines and cable tracks.

Sockets and switches - safety and versatility

Sockets and switches can be divided according to their construction and place of application into flush-mounted and surface-mounted ones. Using appropriate electrical equipment and installation method, they can be mounted in a traditional indoor installation in the surface of walls, various types of control tops and floors. A group of surface-mounted electrical equipment may have additional protection to enable their installation in places exposed to moisture or dust. All sockets and switches are designed to simplify and accelerate their installation. They can be wired with quick-connectors or screw sockets, in contact connection mechanisms, in typical wiring cross-sections suitable for specific loads.

The materials used for sockets and switches comply with safety standards for electrical equipment. They work safely both in single-phase and three-phase installations. In the latter they transmit and control power to devices in industry, agriculture and construction. They can be protected against the ingress of various substances, as specified by standards from IP20 inside buildings to IP44 and higher outside.

Electrical sockets

Electrical equipment includes several types of sockets. The first group are devices for operating construction equipment and machinery supplied with three-phase current. This type of sockets is installed in industrial halls, workshops or outside buildings and facilities on farms. The second more widespread type is 220V single-phase current sockets. There are three main types of sockets in this category:

  • Type C socket, is the oldest type of socket and is only found in older installations. It has no grounding and does not meet current safety standards.

  • The E-type socket is the French system connecting electrotechnical equipment and most modern household appliances and audio/video devices. It conducts current up to 16A. The French system in sockets has one pin to ground the electrical installation. It fits most plugs of home appliances and workshop tools.

  • F-type socket, the so-called schucko system. Commonly installed in most European countries. The schucko system has a plug socket flattened on the sides and two external grounding contacts.

Installation switches

Switches can be used as a control electrical equipment in several cases. Most often they are light switches in various types of electrical installations. In the form of a candlestick switches are available in single-key, two-key and three-key versions. Through them we can turn on and off different sources of light and regulate its intensity. Cross switches are used in passageways and staircases. Electrical installation controlled by them allows for switching on and off the same source of light from different places.

Single-button bell pushbuttons are bistable devices and allow for momentary activation of sound signalling. Normally-open contacts with the use of a key are closed temporarily until pressure is released on the control panel. Another type are normally-open shutter switches, most often in the form of two-key buttons. They enable control of anti-burglary shutter drives, roller blinds in buildings and all types of rooms.