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Shower faucets - essential bathroom equipment

Shower faucets are elements that can be found in practically every home. Without them, taking care of hygiene would be very difficult. They make taking a shower much easier, so they are irreplaceable in everyday use. When deciding to choose the right equipment for your bathroom, make sure that the shower faucet is primarily functional - combined with an interesting design, it will be a perfect set!

Shower faucet - decorative element

The bathroom is a place where, apart from everyday care and hygiene activities, you can also relax after a hard day. For some, a warm shower is the best form of relaxation. So make sure that the room is not only nice, but also functional. The aesthetic aspects are influenced, among others, by accessories. A suitable shower faucet can prove invaluable.

Nowadays, every element of bathroom equipment is extremely important - shower faucets too. It is important that the shower faucet harmonizes perfectly with the whole interior. Regardless of whether you are installing a shower set, a concealed set or the washbasin itself, be sure to pay attention to the appearance of the tap. Depending on the nature of your bathroom, you are able to match the appropriate fittings

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In our store's offer you will find modern, elegant and prepared by the best manufacturers shower faucets . You can choose from classic variants in a subtle and universal style, and if you prefer a shower mixer it can also have a more modern design. When making your choice, remember that functionality is as important as the visuals. Shower faucets from our store offer many practical solutions. They have the function of limiting the flow of liquid, which greatly promotes savings. We also provide shower faucets with a built-in hot water stop to avoid scalding.

Shower faucet with or without thermostat

We have a wide range of products, you will find shower faucets of various shapes and sizes. Due to the method of installation, shower faucets are divided into several types (for example with a thermostat or shower), and the final choice is based mainly on the individual needs of customers.

A shower mixer with a thermostat is primarily used to regulate the temperature, which is responsible for its proper adjustment. The thermostat mixes hot and cold water, preventing any user from getting scalded. A shower faucet with a thermostat is a very safe solution, both for adults and children, which is why thermostats are more and more often installed in bathtub and shower faucets. Both types have a similar structure, differing only in the method of mounting the shower hose. A modern shower mixer with a thermostat is above all a great convenience. You do not have to worry about tedious positioning of the classic handle, because it provides access to perfectly heated water when it is started.

Shower kits can be very simple, consisting of a handset and a shower hose, or offer more options. A shower mixer with a rain shower is becoming more and more popular - it is an extremely comfortable solution, because in addition to the classic hand shower, you also get a rain head. They are often used so that the lack of space for a shower does not force the household members to give up showering.

The solutions we propose are made of durable materials that are resistant to tarnishing and corrosion, thanks to which they will serve you for many years. We have a wide range of shower faucets - do you dream of a rain shower or a thermostat? Or maybe you want to combine both of these solutions into one? Nothing easier! Take a look at our online store, where you will surely find products tailored to your preferences. In case of any problems, our consultants will answer all your questions.