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quiver on a whetstone

quiver on a whetstone

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sharpening files

Sharpening files are a group of technical files especially designed for sharpening circular saws, cutting chains and saw blades. These tools are mainly used in carpentry, joinery, forestry, construction, etc.

Construction of sharpening files

In sharpening files, a distinction is made between the working part and the handle. On the working part, these files have fine single row or spiral cuts. The surface density of the cuts is indicated by their graduation scale, which gives the number of blades per cm (usually approx. 20/cm for these tools). The working part of sharpening files is made of carbon tool steel. The handles of these files are made from wood or from plastic with one or two components. An important feature of sharpening files is their size, which is optimally adapted to sharpening operations on circular saws, cutting chains and saw blades.

Types of sharpening files

Files are classified according to their cross-sectional shape into flat, square, triangular, round and sword files.

Chainsaw sharpening tools

Manufacturers offer sharpening instruments for cutting chains with guides. These jigs consist of 2-3 files of different cross-sections specifically designed to sharpen individual parts of the cutting chains in one operation.

Main technical characteristics of sharpening files

The technical parameters that characterize sharpening files are length of the working part, width of the working part, thickness of the working part, pitch, type (number), type of cut, shape of the cross-section and total weight.

Applications for sharpening files

These tools, as we have already reported, are used for sharpening circular saws and cutting chains and saw blades, etc. They can also be used for other operations such as chamfering and deburring. They are manufactured by Bahco, Gedore, Hazet, Stanley, Pferd and others.