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Pliers Sets

Pliers are sold individually or in sets which are homogeneous by type or which contain many types of pliers. Such sets of pliers usually contain 2 to 10 pliers and, when supplemented with other tools, even a few dozen pieces of this type of product.

Types of pliers sets

Sets of pliers are composed by grouping them by type or by the needs of different groups of users. Thus, we have sets of Seger pliers or pliers for crimping cable ends, as well as insulated pliers for electricians containing many types of these tools or intended for electronics engineers. Often the pliers assortment is supplemented with other hand tools, e.g. screwdrivers, tape measures, etc.

Cost-effective pliers sets

Due to the significantly lower price per tool, the purchase of a set of pliers is more economical than purchasing a single pair. Pliers sets are offered by Bahco, Beta, Facom, Gedore, Hazet, Knipex, Proxxon, NWS, Rennsteig, Stanley, Stahlwille, Wiha etc.