Semiautomatic welding machines

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Semi-Automatic Welding Machine

Welding is a job that requires great precision. However, it is not enough to have the right accessories - one of the most necessary things is the right quality equipment. A high-quality welding machine is a device that is especially useful in heavy industry, energy, chemical and processing. Sometimes these types of semi-automatic welders are also used in the automotive industry, small industry or maintenance.

A Semi-Automatic Welding Machine is most commonly referred to as a Migomat. This device allows for MIG/MAG welding, which is one of the most popular welding methods. It is carried out in a shield of active gases (such as CO2) or chemically inert gases (such as argon). During MIG/MAG welding, the welding wire is placed in a two- or four-roller machine feeder. Pressing the trigger on the welding gun automatically feeds the wire. In addition to a gas shield, the automatic welding machine also requires an inert gas cylinder. In this category, you will find the best quality welding machines - convince yourself of their high quality.

Welding machines-semi-automatics: what to consider when choosing.

Semi-automatic welding machines are advanced workshop tools that are often used in workplaces. They are characterized by high functionality. A Semi-automatic welding machine will allow you to weld metals and thicker aluminum in different positions. Semi-automatics thus help in maintaining high productivity.

One of the selection criteria is the power and power supply of the welding machine. Semi-automatics up to 200A can be connected to 230V mains, while welders up to 250A need a 400V three-phase mains connection. With the right choice of power and power supply, it will be much easier to use the tool without fail and to weld even thin parts up to about 6 mm. However, if your automatic welding machine is to be used for welding sheet metal around 10 mm thick, get a cooler to lower the temperature of the welding gun and thus prolong its life.

An important parameter is also the duty cycle, which is determined by the given welding machine. It is determined for a 10-minute time interval, which is divided into two sections: the maximum time of work under a given load and the cooling down time. The duty cycle of the welding machine is a percentage, which tells you how much of the 10 minutes can be welded without interruption at a given load. For example, if the duty cycle of a welding machine is 60%, it can be used for 6 minutes and 4 minutes should be left idle before it is used again.

To be able to do your job reliably, the duty cycle of the welding machine must be adjusted to the type of work you are doing, so if you are choosing a welding machine for smaller jobs, its minimum duty cycle should be 40%. On the other hand, for large jobs, automatic welding machines with a duty cycle of 50% or more are recommended. In this category you will find various proposals - choose the automatic welding machine that fits your needs with the appropriate duty cycle!

Semi-automatic welding machines, or migomats, are available in various versions in this category. Many of them have a compact design that allows them to be moved to the most optimal location. For welding really large structures, we recommend devices with a separate feeder - this is one of the most useful solutions, as it allows the welder to move freely. Depending on the application, semi-automatic welding machines can also be equipped with additional functions, for example they enable pulse welding or provide a synergy function. On our portal you will find the best quality and proven semi-automatic welding machines.

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