Screwdrivers with ergonomic grip

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Ergonomic Screwdrivers

Ergonomic screwdrivers are one of the types of screwdrivers that use a handle that is adapted to the shape of the hand. This type of screwdriver is also called an ergonomic screwdriver handle and has been designed to eliminate hand slippage and injuries and to reduce hand fatigue.

Ergonomic Screwdriver Design

The basic elements of ergonomic screwdrivers are an ergonomic handle and a steel blade with a specially shaped tip corresponding to the drive of the screw or bolt. Ergonomic handles are made of plastics. They are 2- or 3-component. A separate group of ergonomic screwdrivers are foldable screwdrivers or so-called combination screwdrivers with replaceable blades. In some versions of combined ergonomic screwdrivers, a 2-way ratchet mechanism is used, making it easier to screw in hard-to-reach places.

Types of ergonomic screwdrivers

A distinction is made between ergonomic screwdrivers with flat blade, Phillips, Pozidriv, Supadriv, Torq-Set, Tri-Wing, HEX (for hexagon socket), triangular, XZN, RIBE, Torx, Torx Plus etc. depending on the type of fastener drive used.

Key technical features of ergonomic screwdrivers

The technical parameters that characterize ergonomic screwdrivers are: overall length, blade length, handle length, blade tip type and size, overall weight.

Applications for ergonomic screwdrivers

These tools are used for the assembly and disassembly of threaded fasteners: screws and bolts. Ergonomic screwdrivers are therefore used in virtually all industries. They are manufactured by Bahco, Felo, Gedore, Hazet, Stanley, Wera, Wiha and many others.