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Screw Markers

The Screw markers are one of the essential pieces of equipment for every installer. It is with them that you can mark cable connections, ensuring order in, for example, a post terminal block or in an installation based on DIN rail blocks. Terminal blocks built in this way are a valued connection technology, which provides order and thus convenient and safe access to connections.

Order in your terminals

A variety of connectors are used to connect cables in the construction of electrical installations. These can be of spring (including compression) or screw construction. Cage screw connectors are one of the most commonly used elements. Thanks to them you can safely connect, for example, single-core cables. Screw terminals also allow you to make multi-conductor connections.

Although the assembly of a self-clamping connector is much faster, the cage screw terminals allow a high clamping force, which reduces the risk of disconnections due to vibration. Power terminals - used in low-voltage or busbar installations - are also primarily of the screw type. When installing such installations, the experience of the installer is very important. The clamping has to be strong enough to resist shocks, vibrations, accidental breaking and ensure safety at low voltage drop. At the same time it cannot be too strong - in order not to damage the wire.

The Materials for insulators in cage screw connectors are mainly polyamide, Bakelite, silicone rubber, polyvinyl chloride or other ceramic materials. Thanks to that the connectors are characterized by very good insulation and durability. Such materials for insulators cope well with high temperatures and frequencies. On the other hand, strong current clamps are made of cast brass, which ensures high mechanical and current strength.

Bolt markers - types

The offer of screw markers - or actually markers for screw terminals - is very wide. There are marker sets available on the market in many colors that contrast well with each other. This allows you to distinguish at a glance between the individual power or cage screw terminals.

Screw markers are available in printed versions or for self-description. Printed can be letters, numbers or symbols and the print should be legible and contrasting so that you can easily read the description.

There are also markers without printing, in which case you should use a marker to label them yourself. It is very important to be orderly and consistent in this - in such a way that the installation is also understandable for another electrician.

Both the current path screw markers themselves, as well as the insulator materials in the connectors, should be characterized by high chemical and mechanical resistance. Very important is shock resistance, so that the marking remains in the right place even in difficult conditions. Thanks to this, the cable connections will be durable and easy to read for years.

Screw markers - how to install?

Screw markers usually come in the form of strips. They are supplied in a kit and the fine notches make it easy to tear off the individual pieces. The markers are then placed directly into the connector casing. In the vast majority of cases a gentle press into the flat groove on the connector or terminal block will suffice.

In addition to screw markers, self-adhesive markers are also used in cable installation and connection. In this case, they are installed by placing the coloured marker directly on the cable.

It is always a good idea to choose a product which allows for quick access to a large and varied range of markers. Having a set of these elements in a convenient box, will allow for faster construction and marking of connections, as well as greater comfort for the installer.