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Industrial, precision and laboratory balances

In industrial plants, laboratories or in many workplaces, the highest quality scales are needed. Thanks to them, you can precisely specify the mass of many elements. In this category you will find industrial, precision, laboratory and technical scales. Bet on advanced devices that will make measurements in detail and reliably. It is worth choosing solid and durable solutions that will serve for many years. In this category, you will find products of the highest quality, which are offered by well-known manufacturers with an excellent reputation.

Industrial scales

In this category you will find high-quality industrial scales that have been equipped with special sensors and multifunctional panels. The devices available on the website are primarily precision and technical scales made of stainless materials, which are characterized by high resolution. Each of them has built-in appropriate overload protection systems. The durable structure prevents mechanical damage, and the large measuring range enables weighing of large and small dimensions. Thanks to a special platform, various loads can be placed on it. With no barriers or weight restrictions, you can weigh any item. Industrial scales prove themselves not only in plants, but are also used in many other places - in ports, shops and warehouses. The spectrum of their use is wide, and their applications are universal. Each device is equipped with a practical and legible display. If you are looking for reliable equipment, industrial scales available in this category will surely meet your expectations.

Industrial scales are also a type of equipment that can be placed on the counter. They work well in shops and food plants. In large warehouses, pallet scales with special, adjustable skids are useful. Hook scales are small devices that also work well in industry. They will accurately indicate the weight of containers or other elements suspended on the hook.

Precision balances

Industrial scales are also devices used during research or drug production. These include precision balances. These are small and portable devices, necessary in laboratories and the jewellery industry. Such a device is able to provide accuracy up to 0.001 g. Precision laboratory balance is easy to use. Thanks to the display, the employee can read the collected data quickly and efficiently. High-quality precision balances dedicated to workplaces where accuracy is extremely important can be found in this category. Due to its small size, the laboratory technician can use the balance comfortably. Precise actions can be taken directly from the desk. On our website you will also find precision laboratory scales intended for weighing people. They will work in doctor's offices, gyms and fitness rooms. Thanks to them, you can provide all guests with access to weight measurement.

Laboratory and technical scales - where every gram counts

For weighing substances in laboratories, glass anti-draft shields are also used, because even a small amount of dust can change the reading parameters, and loose substances will not be distributed throughout the room. On our website you will find products of the best producers - specialists in this field. Precise laboratory balance has a built-in database of products and users. It can be powered from both an electrical outlet and a battery, which is a great solution in the event of a power failure. The display can be placed in the body of the scale, which guarantees space-saving. In this category you will also find industrial scales with a screen placed above the weighing area.

Precise, industrial or technological laboratory scales are only a small part of the high-quality products created by many of the best producers. Also check the other categories and order other, equally necessary products that will make your business easier. Attractive prices and quick implementation time will make corporate shopping a pleasure.