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SDS-plus rotary hammers

Rotary-impact hammers with SDS-plus handles, commonly known as hammer drills, are power tools designed to make drill bits full of holes with a diameter of up to 32 mm in such materials as concrete, reinforced concrete, masonry, stone, brick. Currently, they belong to the basic equipment of construction, renovation, installation, plumbing etc. companies.

Construction of SDS-plus rotary hammers

For many years, there are two versions of SDS-plus rotary hammers: (1) the so-called pistol type, resembling a classic hammer drill and (2) "L" type with a motor mounted perpendicularly to the drilling axis. A typical machine of this type consists of the following basic parts: motor housing and mechanisms of a power tool with a main handle, a commutator electric motor with a cooling or brushless fan (the latest designs with the highest technical advancement), gears (1-speed, one 2- model is available) gear) with the mechanisms driving the pneumatic impact and rotating the drilling equipment, the pneumatic impact mechanism, the overload clutch (optional), the gear housing and the pneumatic impact mechanism with knobs for changing the operating modes (which is the second part of the body), the SDS-plus chuck or the so-called a quick-release chuck that allows you to mount classic drill chucks and SDS-plus, a switch assembly and electronic control systems (stabilizing revolutions and impacts, programming the drilling time) with a cable supplying electricity to the machine, a rotation direction switch, a removable additional handle mounted on the gear housing near the handle utility.

Working modes of SDS-plus rotary hammers

Corded SDS-plus hammers offer three operating modes: hammer drilling, hammer drilling and chiselling. Some models, usually less powerful, have only two modes: hammer drilling and non-impact drilling.

Accessories for SDS-plus

rotary hammers

The basic accessories used in SDS-plus rotary hammers are drills, crowns and chisels, and myelomas equipped with SDS-plus handles. In addition, hammer drills with tool-free SDS-plus/drill chuck replacement attach accessories for impactless drilling: twist drills, drills, hole saws, bits, sockets, etc. These types of accessories can also be mounted on hammer drills without SDS-plus drill/replacement chucks. For this purpose, they use drill chucks with SDS-plus shank, which act as an adapter.

Dust extraction systems for SDS-plus

rotary hammers

They are now required for a clean working environment. There are two basic types of dust removal systems used in SDS-plus hammers: (1) external, using an industrial vacuum cleaner, and (2) integrated with machines.

Main technical parameters of SDS-plus rotary hammers

The main technical parameters that characterize these machines are: nominal power (max. 1100 W), supply voltage (230 V/50 Hz), energy of a single impact (max. 4.9 J), frequency of impacts (max. ), rotational speed (max. 1100 rpm for hammer drilling), maximum drilling diameter in concrete (32 mm), maximum drilling diameter in steel (13 mm), maximum drilling diameter in wood (35 mm) and machine weight (5, 6 kg).

Applications of SDS-plus rotary hammers

These power tools are intended mainly for construction and related industries, e.g. various types of facade and insulation contractors, plasterboard fitters, installers, plumbers, electricians, craftsmen dealing with interior finishing. The main task of SDS-plus rotary hammers is to efficiently make holes in concrete, stone, masonry, brick, granite, basalt etc. with hammer tools, i.e. SDS-plus drill bits and bits. Their working capabilities do not end there. With some of this type of power tools, we can also perform shoeing or light forging. For example, they are suitable for removing tiles from the facade, chipping plaster, making small grooves. Thanks to the impactless drilling mode, they allow drilling holes in machinable materials: wood, steel or aluminum. And the right / left rotation allows you to screw in / unscrew screws, bolts, nuts, etc.

Manufacturers and advantages of SDS-plus rotary hammers

The largest range of corded combi hammers with SDS-plus chucks are offered by AEG, Bosch, DeWALT, HiKOKI, Makita, Milwaukee and Metabo. The advantage of these power tools is their high impact force, which allows you to quickly drill holes in hard building materials and choke them. An important feature of these devices is therefore high work efficiency. In addition, they offer easy handling and low operating costs.