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1.1 / 4 "Shock Ring Wrenches

1.1 / 4 "Shock Ring Wrenches

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Open ring wrenches

Open ring wrenches are an important variety of ring wrenches, mainly used for the assembly or disassembly of socket joints. The incomplete ring of the eyelet allows these wrenches to be easily placed on these types of joints.

Open ring wrench design

Open ring wrenches are uniform in material and consist of a working part, i.e. an incomplete ring, and a handle. They are only produced as 2-sided wrenches. The lugs of such tools are offset by 15° from their flat surface. The internal profile of the open ring is either hexagonal or 12-angular. Modified profile (appropriately rounded) versions of these wrenches are also available. Open ring wrenches are manufactured from chrome vanadium steel (CrV) using forging, heat treatment and machine technology. Their manufacturing standards are defined e.g. in DIN 3118. These tools are dimensioned in metric and inch systems. The metric range is 8-32 mm and the inch range up to 1.1/8". The tools have a satin chrome finish.

Main characteristics of open-end wrenches

The technical parameters that characterize open-end wrenches are size (inner ring diameter, mm or inches), outer ring diameter (mm), overall length (mm) and overall weight (g).

Applications for open ring wrenches

Open ring wrenches are used in the installation industry for fitting various socket connections. They are manufactured by e.g. Bahco, Beta, Facom, Gedore, Hazet, Proxxon, Snap-on, Stanley, Stahlwille etc.