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Refrigerating appliances in gastronomy are essential products that allow you to keep your food fresh. Refrigerated counters and display cases, tables, wardrobes, freezers - you can buy the necessary equipment through the MerXu shopping platform. Make purchases without queuing! Compare suppliers' offers and order the necessary equipment with delivery to your premises. The HoReCa category includes many different types of devices - countertop bar refrigerated cabinets, granitors or seasoning cabinets can be found at attractive prices. It is worth choosing the products you need to be able to ensure proper storage of the individual ingredients. Thanks to wardrobes and glass-cases, you can display dishes, sandwiches and desserts. The lighting installed by the manufacturer makes the whole beautifully blend in with the interior of the premises. The appropriate temperature can be set using an intuitive panel.

Cooling chambers will work well in every gastronomic establishment. The devices have interiors tailored to individual needs. Large doors allow for quick and convenient loading of products. In many cases, it is possible to enter the interior with a trolley with confectionery trays. A properly insulated chamber allows you to maintain the right freshness of products. Explore all refrigeration appliances and choose the one that suits your business. Blast chillers will also be useful in the catering industry. Their task is to cool the products, which are then placed in refrigerating cabinets and refrigerating chambers.

Refrigerating equipment in gastronomy

Refrigerating equipment in gastronomy includes ice cube makers, crushers and huskers. They are perfect for hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes. It is also an obligatory equipment for clubs, and often also for gas stations. The compact ice cube ensures effective cooling of the drink, without diluting it. The "spray" ice is suitable for all kinds of drinks, cocktails, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, as well as appetizers served in an elegant way, such as seafood. The stainless steel housing ensures durability in use, and a special door allows you to quickly fill the right amount. Depending on the model, you can set the size of the produced cubes yourself.

Hanging shelves

Hanging shelves made of stainless steel resistant to chemicals and organic agents. Depending on the selected model, you can only install a shelf with a small frame or choose a movable product. Thanks to the practical hanging shelves, you can organize the kitchen, while having all the necessary accessories and ingredients always at hand. The perfectly smooth surface makes it easy to clean. Models dedicated to gastronomy have a special rim at the back, several centimeters high, which prevents dirt from getting between the furniture and the wall. In the event of liquid spillage, it reliably prevents soiling.

Cooling showcase

For displaying cakes or desserts, a glazed refrigerated display case with opening doors will be perfect. Thanks to the MerXu shopping platform, you can buy these types of devices of various sizes and colors. Most of the available equipment has efficient gravity cooling, and a readable panel informs about the operating status of the device. Refrigerated display case with internal lighting will be perfect for everyday use in confectioneries, restaurants and hotels that offer a buffet in the form of a Swedish table. You can choose a free-standing or a countertop version. Bar refrigerated wardrobe will work in smaller spaces or premises that are just expanding their menu with desserts or sandwiches.

Sorbet Granitor is a device that allows you to get frozen drinks with many flavors and colors. Both children and adults love them. They are very popular, especially in places with increased tourist traffic. Depending on the size of the premises, you can choose a one-chamber or two-chamber device. Sorbet granitor also allows you to prepare iced coffee.

All devices for the daily work of gastronomy, as well as hanging shelves and shelves can be found in the HoReCa category. It is worth choosing products made of stainless steel that do not react with other substances. Browse the suppliers' offer, order or request a quote with delivery to your premises. Quick, non-contact and convenient!