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Ratchets & Sockets

Ratchets and sockets, also called combination (or folding) socket wrenches, belong to a large group of assembly wrenches, which also includes open-end wrenches. Folding socket wrenches are distinguished from assembly wrenches, which are mostly homogeneous in material or construction, by the fact that their working and grip parts are detachable. Socket wrenches are therefore not only available in different sizes, but also in different configurations and are therefore combined in various sets. Combination socket wrenches, like open-end wrenches, are used for assembling/disassembling screws and nuts.

Ratchet and socket configurations

Combination socket wrenches can be configured in different ways. The simplest configuration consists of a knob or ratchet (handle) and a socket (work piece). This can be extended by a movable joint, a reduction for using sockets with a drive smaller than the ratchet, an extension for extending the range of the tool, etc. The parts of these tools are therefore shanks for screwing (handwheels, push rods, sliding handles with pivots and ratchets), for working (sockets) and for optimising the use of the tool (joints, extensions, reductions in the dimensions of the drives and drivers). The combination wrenches are produced according to ISO 2725/1174, ISO 3315, DIN 3122/3124/3120, UNE 16512, among others, from high quality alloy steel. They are dimensioned in metric and inch dimensions. Their metric size range for hexagon bolts and nuts is 4-14 mm (1/4" size), 6-22 mm (3/8"), 8-36 mm (1/2"), 19-60 mm (3/4"), 41-82 mm (1"), while their inch size range is 3/16" to 9/16" (1/4"), 1/4" to 7/8" (3/8"), 3/8" to 1.1/4" (1/2"), 15/16" to 2" (3/4"), 1.5/8" to 3.1/8" (1").

Ratchet and socket types

Combination socket wrenches are classified according to the sizes of the square drivers and corresponding ratchet drives into: 1/4", 3/8" 1/2", 3/4" i 1".

Main characteristics of ratchets and sockets

The technical parameters that characterize the combination socket wrenches are the size of the sockets: (inside diameter, mm or inches, or type and size of the working shank), overall length (mm), size of their drive (inches) and overall weight (g).

Applications for ratchets and sockets

Combination socket wrenches are thus used wherever threaded connections are used. They are most often used in industry, mainly in factories manufacturing vehicles and machines and in the maintenance departments of all production plants, in construction and crafts, service and mechanical workshops, including car repair shops. They are manufactured by Bahco, Beta, Facom, Gedore, Hazet, Proxxon, Snap-on, Stanley, Stahlwille, Wera, etc.