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file rasps

Riffler files are a group of files designed for roughing and finishing wood. These tools are used in carpentry and joinery, as well as in blacksmithing for working on horses' hooves.

File construction

Rack files, like other types of files, consist of a working part and a handle. On the working part, these files have rasp cuts of different graduations. The working part of rasps is made from tool steel. They are equipped with 1- or 2-component plastic handles.

Types of rasp files

Riffler files are classified according to the shape of their cross-section into flat, semicircular and round files. A separate group of rasps consists of needle files for wood, bent double-edged special files and rasps with curved body. Wood needle files can be flat, half round, round, flat-top, triangular and square.

Main technical characteristics of rasp files

The technical parameters which characterize rasps are the length of the working part, the width of the working part, the thickness of the working part, the pitch, the type of cut, the shape of the cross-section and the total weight.

Applications for rasp files

Operations such as surface leveling, chamfering and rounding are performed with rasps. These tools are used for filing materials such as wood, plastics, soft stone, horse hooves and antlers. They are made by Bahco, Gedore, Hazet, Stanley, Pferd and others.