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Among the numerous accessories for cleaning and care, in our store you will also find cloths . They are essential equipment for both home and office spaces. They work well in everyday use to maintain cleanliness - they wipe off spilled liquids, remove dust and other impurities. If you want to take care of proper hygiene - check our wide offer and you will surely find something for yourself.

The cloths available in our store are primarily resistant to mechanical damage and moisture. These are products that are often washed, so a durable material was used to make them. Thanks to this, they do not wear off and do not lose their utility value. The main factor that you also need to pay attention to is good absorbency. It is worth choosing natural cotton, linen or a mixture of both, which perfectly absorbs liquids and dries quickly. Wiping stains and countertops with such a cloth saves a lot of time. In our store you will find cloths in many sizes and colors as well as eye-catching designs.

Thanks to the use of the articles we propose, removing dirt from the surface of furniture, metal countertops will be much faster and easier than before. We offer products made of various types of materials. Decide whether you need reusable or disposable cloths soaked in a special cleaning preparation - you will find everything you need with us. They are perfect for cleaning various types of surfaces with different textures. Products made of soft materials do not leave any marks or scratches. Due to the fact that they do not leave fibers on the cleaned object, you can also successfully use them for wiping windows and mirrors.

Reusable microfiber cloths

From the wide range of products, select microfiber cloths that are reusable. They are characterized by very good fluid absorption. They can absorb up to 7 times as much liquid as they weigh. They effectively trap contaminants, so they do not transfer microorganisms when they are reused. Microfiber cloths are extremely durable, you can use them even after 500 washes. An antistatic cloth soaked in a special substance will be perfect for collecting dust and any dirt - it effectively degreases and cleans. Antistatic cloth is designed for various types of surfaces. You can use it to clean metal, laminates, acrylic, wood or plastics. Thanks to its special properties, it makes surfaces less attracting dust and dirt.

Are you looking for a cloth that will effectively clean any type of floor? The floor cloth that you will find in our offer will work well for panels, parquet, tiles and tiles. Choose an economical solution that will save you from buying many separate items, and will also not take up much space in the cabinet. Durable floor cloth will allow you to repeatedly remove even the most stubborn dirt. In addition to traditional products, we also offer an innovative solution, such as, for example, a sponge cloth . You can apply it both wet and dry - it all depends on your preferences. Highly effective sponge cloth perfectly removes dirt, thanks to its extraordinary absorbency (it can absorb up to 100 ml of water), it leaves a dry and shiny surface. You can also wash it without fear of damage.

Keep the interior where you live or work clean. Choose the right products that will help you get rid of dirt and dust faster and more effectively. We offer cloths from reputable manufacturers who ensure the highest quality of materials. As a result, they are durable and effectively absorb moisture and dirt. Visit our online store and check what else will help you maintain the highest standard of hygiene. We also invite you to check the other categories - we offer a number of effective solutions in the field of personal protection.