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Racks, boxes and hooks

Appropriate equipment and car accessories allow you to effectively organize each trip, as well as assist in the event of a road accident. In this category you will find many interesting products that allow you to increase the amount of storage space. Check out what reputable producers have prepared. Car racks are extremely helpful when taking recreational and sports items and additional equipment with you on a journey. The most common types of car racks are steel and aluminium bars, ski racks, roof racks, bike boxes and racks. You will also find hooks suitable for your car model, which are worth having in the box with the necessary accessories.

Application and mounting method of racks

Roof car racks are a great basis for placing specific loads on them. They are also used for mounting boxes characterized by an aerodynamic shape. Bicycles, ski equipment, additional luggage and other goods can be transported on them. Installation is carried out using factory mounting points, roof edges or using railings. Car racks are selected based on the specific car model, year and body version, so we advise you to check this information before making the final choice. In this category, you will find only high-quality products from recognized manufacturers that guarantee stable mounting and safe transport of any luggage.

The implementation of steel and aluminium beams is possible with the use of U-bolts. These are dedicated mounting brackets, thanks to which car trunks can be safely and stably transported on the roof of the vehicle. Particular attention should be paid to the tightening torque provided by the manufacturer so as not to destabilize the structure. Follow the instructions included in the package, and you will certainly be able to properly install the selected type of rack.

Good car hooks

Not only the car carriers and boxes described above can be used to increase the vehicle's cargo capacity. An important part of it are also towing hooks. Choosing the right element, ensuring reliability and safety, is not easy. Such a part must have European approval, come from a reliable source and fit a specific car model. On our portal you will find auctions where you will find products that will surely match your needs. All you need to do is define your preferred specification and you will surely find the perfect solution for your car.

How to choose a hook and an electric harness?

The hooks that you can find here are offered in different variants, so before ordering, make sure that the item is well suited to the vehicle. To select the towbar correctly, you need to specify the vehicle model and version, year of production, body type, number of doors, body length (in the case of vans), towing capacity and possible suspension and exhaust changes. With all this information, it will be easier for you to choose the right hooks.

Also, remember to clarify your towing needs, the preferred type of hook, and the wiring harness. It can be in the form of a universal, dedicated, multi-pin, with parking sensors, with a dedicated or universal module. The final choice determines the driving comfort and efficiency of the entire towing system, so check the various options proposed on our portal before you decide to place an order.

Why choose a carport?

Garage boxes will also work great in the form of a garden shed. They are a full-fledged alternative to garages. The aluminium, steel or wooden frame structure ensures first-class strength and stability despite different weather conditions. It also guarantees protection for the vehicle located in it. In addition, these types of boxes are characterized by an attractive appearance, so you can choose the right model for your preferred garden arrangement.

The garage shelters visible on our website are used to store cars, bicycles, motorbikes and other equipment. If necessary, the structures can be equipped with side and rear walls, which will help to protect the vehicle from wind and other weather conditions that may have a detrimental effect on the life of the vehicles. In this category, you will find both garage shelters and accessories that increase the load capacity of the car. Car racks, hooks and boxes that you can find on this portal are the proposals of proven manufacturers with many years of experience in the industry. To choose other necessary components for the car, we invite you to use the other categories.