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Over the past few years, 3D printing has marked its strong position in medicine, industry and mechanics. It is used to create structural elements and very precise parts of devices. What accessories are needed for the proper operation of a 3D printer? Can you build it yourself?

To find the necessary parts for 3D printing devices and other industrial machines, see the auctions visible on our portal. They are presented with accessories from reputable companies. Their high quality and competitive prices make them eagerly chosen by individual clients and entrepreneurs. We invite you to get to know the full offer!

The way a 3D printer works

Creating three-dimensional parts is most often based on the use of plastics. These include PET, PVA, ABS, PLA, Nylon, PCL and HIPS. Popular 3D printers on the market transform a digital image saved in CAD format into a ready-made project in three dimensions. They carry out activities that, in simple terms, can be called casting or processing a specific material. In the process of processing the raw material into a working form, the required temperature and a precisely operating injection system are essential. Each of these elements can be found on our website - check the appropriate specifications and choose the right components and accessories for printers.

The most important parts of a 3D printer

Coordination of all activities is a task assigned to the electronic system with which each 3D printer is equipped. Parts for controlling systems and processing digital data must be made of the best materials and using appropriate techniques. Only then does the system ensure trouble-free cooperation of all components of the device. Suitable accessories for building a 3D printer and repairing it can be found in our store.

The extruder is irreplaceable in feeding the filament for further processing. It ensures transport of the material and its plasticization by increasing the temperature to the working level. Then the material is pressed to the head. It is equipped with nozzles with different outer diameters. 3D printers, due to the specificity of the project and the working material used, cooperate with V6 and MK8 nozzles made of brass and titanium. They are characterized by high efficiency and a low degree of adhesion.

At auctions in our store you will also find a huge selection of filament in the form of strings with a diameter of 1.75 mm in various colour variants. They are made of PLA, PETG and ASA materials. They enable the generation of demonstration models or full-value end products that will meet specific chemical and physical requirements.

Other consumables of 3D printers

Electric heaters connected to the head heat the filament. They come in several types and can be selected in terms of the length of the power cord, as well as the power of the heater. Each of them requires a voltage of 12 V. Necessary accessories for printers are also flexible couplings of the drive. In our online store you will also find textile belts, linear plain bearings, smooth and toothed pulleys, as well as fine springs.

3D printer - can you build it yourself?

The equipment for creating 3D models can be prepared by yourself. The necessary materials can be found in our online store, ranging from control systems to filament. However, this task is recommended for people who understand the principle of 3D printing and have some experience in this field. Otherwise, it's best to choose a finished product.

If you decide to design your own 3D printer, first of all, define the purpose of its use. Is it supposed to be only occasional modelling for hobby purposes? Or maybe 3D models are essential in your work and you want to base your prototypes on them? All this matters when selecting components and choosing a printing method.

Currently, most manufacturing companies have a 3D printer. Consumable parts as well as the corresponding control systems can be found in our online store. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the individual categories.