Precision screwdrivers

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Precision Screwdrivers

Precision screwdrivers are miniature screwdrivers used in precision mechanics and electronics. They are designed for the assembly and disassembly of small screws or bolts used in precision equipment, such as lenses, and electronic equipment, such as computers, smartphones, etc.

Precision screwdriver design

Just like any screwdriver, they consist of two main interconnected parts: a handle and a blade with a specially shaped tip. The blades of precision screwdrivers are made of heat-treated alloy steel or ceramic compound and are much smaller in diameter than the blades of standard screwdrivers; while their handles are manufactured from plastic. The handles are of 1- or 2-component construction and end with a swivel head to facilitate finger turning. These tools have small dimensions. A separate group of precision screwdrivers are ESD screwdrivers for electronics, with handles that dissipate electrostatic charges, and anti-electrostatic and anti-magnetic screwdrivers with ceramic blades.

Types of precision screwdrivers

Depending on the screwdriver drive, a distinction is made between precision screwdrivers with a flat blade (0.8-4 mm), Phillips (PH000-PH01), Pozidriv (P0-P01), Torx (T1-T20), inner and outer HEX and Pentalobe. And by the type of work performed: screwdrivers for precision mechanics and anti-electrostatic and/or anti-magnetic screwdrivers for electronics engineers.

Main technical features of the precision screwdrivers

The technical parameters that characterise precision screwdrivers are: overall length (up to approx. 160 mm), blade length (up to 60 mm), handle length (up to 100 mm), type and size of blade tip, overall weight.

Applications for precision screwdrivers

These tools are used for fitting and removing small threaded fasteners: screws and bolts. These screwdrivers are used in precision mechanics and electronics. They are manufactured by Bahco, Felo, Gedore, Hazet, Stanley, Wera, Wiha and others.