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Power distribution boards

Fully wired power distribution boards are essential equipment on every construction site. They are usually IP44 rated, indicating considerable durability. There are models available from leading manufacturers, both stationary and portable. Switchboards with sockets make it possible to connect many receivers, which is very useful and is their greatest advantage.

Power distribution boards: characteristics

Power distribution boards are divided into stationary models and portable models, which are selected based on your needs. Therefore, before buying any switchgear, you should carefully read its description to be able to choose the best type for you.

Usually, sockets in switchboards are placed in the front wall, which allows for efficient operation. In the case of a surface-mounted enclosure, you can expect that these types of elements are ideal for use on construction sites, as well as in various renovation works. If the construction or renovation is finished, the power distribution board can be used as an energy outlet for an existing metering point.

Models such as SRS power distribution boards can also be used to power ponds, lawnmowers, trimmers or pressure washers. When selecting individual sets of sockets, one should take into account parameters such as: terminal strips, protection class, dimensions, weight, rated voltage, degree of tightness, assembly method, or the type of material used.

Each electrical installation enables the operation of all home appliances and devices, increasing both safety and comfort of users. Therefore, it must be consistent with the standards set out above. For this purpose, surface mounted switchboards are designed. This is because they allow you to install modular apparatuses for better control and management of electricity in the house.

Each building switchgear guarantees the necessary level of protection of installation elements against moisture and dirt. In addition, most switchboards offered on the market have aesthetic casings. As a result, the decorative qualities in specific rooms are not diminished. Of course, the switchgear must always be adjusted to the installation parameters in the designated building.

Power distribution boards: modular and for industrial use

Modular switchboards are fitted with circuit breakers which cut off the power supply in the event of a fault or system failure. The reason for this is that in this type of switchgear the equipment distributing electrical circuits is optimally distributed, separated and protected against damage. Modular switchboards are usually in the form of a simple box. They protect circuits against dust, water or mechanical damage. Such switchboards can be made of metal, ABS plastic or other durable materials. If the customer decides to buy a flush-mounted model, he can hide it in the wall. This protects the modular apparatus to an even greater extent. It is also worth to know that surface mounted models have better protective parameters, and therefore are suitable for hanging on the wall.

For example, they can be placed in a niche and enclosed with an openwork door, so they do not have a negative impact on the interior design. Modular switchboards are suitable for both smaller and larger apartments. They can also be used in commercial premises. It should be remembered that the specified number of modules indicates the possibilities regarding the division of circuits together with their arrangement.

There are also industrial switchboards, distributing electricity on construction sites, production halls, and also suitable for use during mass events. They take the form of control cabinets which not only protect the installation but also affect the level of user safety. Among industrial switchboards, the following versions are distinguished: surface mounted, flush mounted and portable. Industrial switchboards are used where access to electricity network is difficult, where they enable operation of devices supplied with current.