Power supplies and transformers

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Power supplies and transformers - modern solutions

Power supplies and transformers are used practically in every segment of the economy. They are responsible for powering and maintaining the work cycles of various devices. From small simple home installations to complex structures that require high availability. They cooperate with other executive and control elements, among others, in telephone exchanges, server rooms serving airports, the automotive industry and in the military and medical sector.

Power supplies and transformers - types and use

We use transformers wherever there is a need to adapt the power parameters to the devices receiving electricity. Transformers available on the market include several types and types that differ in structure, power and energy conversion. We find here both electronic transformers for lighting systems, powering small household appliances, as well as industrial transformers for the construction of medium and large production lines and industrial automation. Professional electronic transformers are reliable and offer lower energy consumption and the ability to control the operation of individual components.

Due to the universal application, transformers often have a universal casing that allows them to be mounted on a surface or on a mounting rail, usually DIN 35. Casing made of resistant material provide protection against moisture and external weather conditions. They have built-in overload and short-circuit protection.

Among the many types of transformers the most common are:

  1. energy transformers - dry or oil. They are used in the heaviest power industry to build transmission lines.
  2. single-phase transformers - the most popular and widely used in electronics and household appliances, as well as in construction, powering local domestic and industrial installations. They often feature voltage stabilization .
  3. three-phase transformers - most often used in industry, they are a cheaper option than connecting single-phase transformers for each phase.
  4. toroidal transformers - they are commonly used in 12V lighting systems. They are characterized by small dimensions, weight and low power loss.
  5. autotransformers - are used to smoothly set a specific voltage. The primary and secondary windings form one electrical circuit.
  6. safety transformers - are used to build a power supply in the 24 V voltage range that is safe for people.
  7. Variable voltage transformers with taps - allow for a step voltage change using the so-called taps that are inside the secondary winding.

Power supplies - types and application

Power supplies are a group of devices that convert electricity from the AC network in the range from 100 V to 260 V, into low and safe DC voltage. They are used wherever the voltage of 12 V, 24 V or 48 V is required to power control devices and other automation equipment. Virtually all currently available devices of this type for domestic and industrial applications have voltage stabilization . Properly selected power supplies ensure lower energy consumption and optimal operation of electrical installation elements.

Due to the construction, we distinguish modular power supplies to be mounted on mounting strips and compact power supplies in an integrated housing. All power supplies are protected against the influence of external weather conditions with the appropriate value of the IP class. According to the characteristics of the work and specific applications, there are:

  1. switching power supplies , which are characterized by very high efficiency up to 90%, low weight and small dimensions. They have high resistance to network disturbances and low cost of production.
  2. LED power supplies , which are used primarily when connecting halogen lighting and LED strips, LED dimmers, LED modules, RGB drivers, as well as other devices that require constant and stabilized DC voltage. The operation of the entire LED lighting system, and above all its durability and lifetime, largely depends on the power supply used.