Portable sockets

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Portable sockets

Portable sockets are used to connect single-phase and three-phase electrical devices. A power socket (3-phase) has a different number of holes for a pin than a single-phase socket. There are 4 or 5 in power sockets. In 230V sockets there are only two holes.

The name of portable sockets comes from the ability to easily change their position, eg simple board sockets (a kind of portable sockets), fixed to temporary electrical boards, are used on a construction site. Their assembly is quick and simple, which is why they are also perfect for workshops, farms or workplaces.

They are used when building extension cords of various lengths. Portable sockets are durable and resistant to adverse external conditions. Due to their construction, they are safe and effective to use. Their main feature is also a long service life. Portable sockets come in different versions. They allow for quick assembly and instant connection of electrical equipment.

Portable sockets - types and places of installation

Surface-mounted socket is usually mounted to the face of a wall and other surfaces. The difference between a surface-mounted socket and a flush-mounted socket lies in the cable connection box, which in the case of the former is larger and often provides increased protection. Surface-mounted socket is mounted mainly in places where concealed installation is difficult, as well as in utility rooms, factories, gazebos and warehouses.

straight array socket is a product that is used to connect various types of machines and devices with three-phase power cables. The socket is easy to install and is ideal for electrical boards and switchboards. The product is used in various types of workshops, farms, garages and production halls.

Flush-mounted sockets are installed in specially dedicated boxes, under the plaster. Usually, this type of socket is installed in residential buildings or where, for aesthetic reasons, cables need to be hidden under the plaster and only the socket is visible.

Also commonly used are portable slanted sockets, used for supplying three-phase devices. They are widely used for concrete mixers, lifts, saws and other devices on construction sites and in farms and households.

Portable sockets - construction

Portable sockets are usually made of plastic (polyamide) or rubber (rubber), often with a flap. The use of such materials as a socket housing allows them to be used in an environment exposed to adverse external conditions. And also in places exposed to various aggressive agents, such as oils and chemicals.

The materials used allow for longer socket life, thanks to the resistance to mechanical damage and impacts. They come in many variants and modules for direct assembly with rotary switches and additional 220V sockets.

Portable sockets protected against moisture

Three-phase power sockets are relatively often installed outside buildings, as well as in damp rooms. Safe use of the socket requires the selection of the appropriate product (for example, by PCE ), with the appropriate level of protection against moisture. It is expressed with the letters IP followed by numbers. It gives the user information about the protection of the equipment against water, dust and dust. Socket with IP above 44 can be successfully used outdoors.

The portable sockets are designed for various rated currents: 16A, 32A, 63A and 125A. Their purpose is also related to the degree of protection, for example, sockets with a rated current of 16A and 32A must have the degree of protection IP44 or IP67. On the other hand, the sockets with a rated current of 63A and 125A must have the degree of protection IP67 in accordance with EN 60529. This degree of protection passes tests in sockets with and without a plug attached.

Both single-phase ( straight array ) and three-phase (power socket) sockets are available in IP67 protection class. Such a socket is suitable for use even in demanding conditions, because it is resistant to the ingress of small materials, dust and moisture.