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Wireless pool sensor GARNI 057P
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Wireless pool sensor GARNI 057P

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  • Colour: white with gray
  • Guarantee: 24 months
  • Mass: 316 g (without batteries)
  • Power: 2 1.5 V AA batteries (pencil, not included)
  • EAN: 8592733020872
  • Manufacturer: Garni
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Pools and accessories

More and more homeowners are fulfilling their dream and having a swimming pool built in their garden. If you have been in charge of just such a garden construction project, here you will find everything you need for this task.

Basically, we could divide the pools into recessed and above ground. If the client of such a project is being pushed by the budget, you will probably reach for above-ground pools, because no major landscaping is needed to put them into operation. On the other hand, the recessed ones will be significantly more expensive, because it is necessary to first prepare a hole in the ground for them and then treat this area so that the entire pool can be installed there.

In addition to the pools themselves, you will also find a wide range of accessories. These are, for example, heat pumps, filter units, countercurrents, pool cushions, steps, heaters or vacuum cleaners and thermometers. This category is simply a place where you will find absolutely anything to successfully complete a pool project.

Above ground pools

This type of pool boldly struggles with the sunken ones for their place in the sun (and land). Many people prefer them because of the speed of assembly and also the lower price. To install an above-ground pool, the basic landscaping of the place where you want to put it is enough, and then you can build the pool. The selection of the above-ground pool will take place not only on the basis of its dimensions, but also the quality of the materials used (often mainly steel casing and PVC foil) and the supplied accessories. Some pools contain everything needed for their commissioning, such as filtration, connecting hoses or steps.

Recessed pools

The second very popular type of pools are inground ones. Due to the necessary excavation work on the land, they are usually more expensive than above-ground pools, but they have one indisputable advantage. They are almost invisible and do not affect the appearance of the garden as much as the above-ground pools. Both types of pools are often supplied with UV-resistant foils.

However, what speaks in favor of in-ground pools is, in addition to the overall aesthetics, also an ideal preparation for the installation of countercurrent, and for older users it can be a great advantage that they do not have to climb up the steps and only then get into the pool. You can also have classic stairs, such as those you know from swimming pools, built directly into a number of in-ground pools.

Pool accessories

In order for its owners to be able to enjoy the pool to the full, it is usually necessary to purchase at least some pool accessories. These are most often steps or ladders, tarpaulins, pool chemicals (for cleaning), vacuum cleaners, countercurrents or special tarpaulins for winterizing the pool.

Special roofs can also be suitable for recessed pools, thanks to which leaves do not attack or rain on them. For above-ground pools, this can be solved with special sails. However, before buying them, it is necessary to verify their size in the label to make sure that they are suitable for the selected pool.

Some people will also like to use the opportunity to harmonize the appearance of the pool with a fence, tiles or terrace.