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Rubber and plastic products

Our offer includes professional rubber and plastic products and rubber accessories. Among them there are specialized solutions for boats and yachts, as well as fenders and fenders, plates, sleeves, hoses, cords and seals as well as conveyor belts for industrial applications. They are made of SBR, NBR, CR, EPDM and FPM materials, resistant to a number of unfavourable external factors, such as the action of oils or acids occurring in industry, as well as mechanical damage.

High-class rubber products are intended, among others, for use in high pressure hydraulic systems as sealing elements. You can also use the plastic products available in our store as seals for car doors, as well as for home door and gate structures. Rubber accessories that you can buy from us have a long service life and can be used in contact with food intended for consumption. At the same time, they are not subject to aging effects.

Modern plastic products

The modern plastic products included in our assortment are specialized rubber products that can be successfully used for securing expansion spaces during the installation of skirting boards and ceilings. They perfectly protect against the penetration of moisture and pollution, and at the same time are easy to install and resistant to a number of reactive chemicals. Due to their chemical indifference to hydraulic fluids and fluids used in brake systems, they are also used in the automotive industry.

Innovative rubber products offered by our online store also include a number of sealing elements that can be used in residential, utility and industrial construction. One of their advantages is perfect fire resistance and air permeability. Professionals also appreciate them for their excellent thermal insulation and acoustic parameters, which protect the interior from cooling down, and at the same time soundproof it.

Cheap and durable rubber accessories

The wide offer of our store includes cheap and durable rubber accessories resistant to high temperatures and high operating pressure values. A number of positive properties mean that rubber products that you will find here are characterized by many years of service life. If necessary, they can be delivered in a version intended for direct contact with food and food products, certified by the American FDA. They are resistant to UV radiation and do not emit any toxic substances.

Durable and practical rubber products that you can find here are also professional conveyor belts for industrial applications. They are used to build technological lines and handling solutions in production plants. They are characterized by high flexibility, resistance to abrasion, and high mechanical strength. Rubber accessories are also resistant to acids, bases, greases and oils, as well as to long-term exposure to UV radiation. Moreover, they are characterized by very good energy absorption.

Reliable rubber and plastic products

The reliable rubber and plastic products available in our store are products that are eagerly used by engineers and designers in the construction of motor vehicles, industrial machines and technological lines. They are also used in modern commercial construction. They perfectly protect the structures of doors, windows and roof hatches against leaks causing the ingress of contaminants and lowering the thermal energy parameters of the building.

The innovative plastic products and rubber accessories offered by us are professional solutions that will improve the tightness and performance of any type of structure. Take advantage of our wide range and choose specialized rubber products at a low price. Our consultants will provide you with professional support in the selection of appropriate components tailored to the needs of your project.