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Plasma cutter

One particularly useful tool when welding is the plasma cutter. This device is used to cut materials that conduct electricity. More and more businesses in various industries are beginning to use plasma cutters as a suitable tool for professionals. A standard unit consists of a power source that supplies a constant voltage and current, a plasma torch, a ground wire and consumable parts. Electricity and gas are also required for the unit to work properly.

A plasma cutter uses plasma when cutting - it is a high temperature ionized gas that comes out of the cutter at a significant speed. The plasma cutter uses plasma cutting to melt, oxidize and remove metals from the cut gap. It does this by using a highly focused high energy plasma arc that glows between the electrode and the material being cut. The resulting slots are precision machined and have a much flatter surface than when cutting with acetylene.

Plasma cutting machines - advantages of using

If you value quality and comfort while working, plasma cutter is a perfect device for you. It will improve the operations of any company, where you need high-quality tools for professional work. Modern plasma cutters are extremely useful welding tools, which with great precision can handle the cutting of metals of varying textures and thicknesses. They are especially recommended for professionals who want to create high-quality products. Bet on above-average power and choose plasma cutters, which you will find in this category!

The great advantage of plasma cutting is the speed, which is up to 7 times faster than gas-oxygen cutting. At the same time, the plasma cutter has minimal impact on the structure of the material, and the cut created is extremely precise and leaves smooth edges. It involves little material loss and can quickly cut through materials from 0.5 mm to 160 mm thick. So, if you're looking for an idea of how to make a high-end machining of a material to a designated shape or dimension, a plasma cutter will work great! The plasma cutter can also be easily automated, which is what many businesses use. This type of CNC plasma cutter is a particularly good option as it helps save time and performs repeatable work with even greater precision. A CNC plasma cutter is a great idea for increasing productivity in a factory - find out!

Remember, the most important thing is to choose the equipment so that it suits your needs. The plasma cutter must be selected by taking into account the type of metal to be cut and the maximum and minimum thickness to be cut. Considering the latter, pay attention to the information on the maximum cutting current, or amperage. Also check the thickness to which the plasma cutter will cut the metal, i.e. the thickness of the penetration - in some cases, when you want to make a hole, it will be necessary to pre-drill the sheet metal before using plasma cutting. When choosing the right cutter, the machine's duty cycle figures are also important. They are specified in percent - for each device from our offer you will receive a manual, on which you can check what is its percentage work cycle for a given amperage at the appropriate power supply. The plasma cutter should also be easy to use, so that even beginners can use it. In this category you will find offers of various sizes and weights to suit your needs.

A range of specialist solutions are available in this category - the plasma welder will prove useful in many processing areas. This type of equipment is versatile and reliable. A good quality plasma welder guarantees long-lasting use. Important when working with the cutting machine are also electrodes, nozzles, caps and manual or machine torches. Full comfort of work will also be provided by accessories, such as protective clothing and workplace equipment. Remember to ensure a high level of safety for your employees and visit the other categories.