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Insert/cover for communication technology Kontakt-Simon DGL31.01/11 Simon 54  Touch / Nature / Premium White Plastic IP20

Insert/cover for communication technology Kontakt-Simon DGL31.01/11 Simon 54 Touch / Nature / Premium White Plastic IP20

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€4.18 +VAT
PLN 19.61
  • Manufacturer: Kontakt-Simon
  • Manufacturer Code: DGL31.01/11
  • EAN: 5902787825607
  • Colour: White
  • Surface finishing: Glossy
  • Surface protection: Untreated
  • Assembly arrangement: Basic element with central cover plate
  • Utilization: Loudspeaker connection
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Plaques and plugs

Plaques and plugs are complementary elements that are perfect for electrical installations, right next to frames and keys. When buying them, pay attention to both their design and performance. Then there will be no risk that the specific equipment will be wrongly selected. By following important parameters, you can be sure that the whole will be perfectly matched.

Badges and plugs: characteristics

Stickers and plugs are always worth buying from reliable manufacturers to be sure that they will work flawlessly. As a supplementary product, they usually fulfill a triple role: decorative, protective and informative.

When choosing a tag or a blanking plate, you should take into account their operational parameters, just like when you select a key or another element. Plastic plugs are small plastic elements, mainly to protect individual elements of the installation. Their leading role is to mask various types of openings and connecting elements. It is not functional, but also aesthetic. By sealing a specific socket, they prevent dust, various small elements or dirt from appearing in it. In addition, as they have an appropriate degree of tightness protection, they can also prevent moisture. Small plugs, despite being inconspicuous elements, effectively protect against dust, dirt and flooding. In order for the cap to fulfill its role well, it should be put in contact. This type of plug is worth choosing especially for those homes with small children. It is also worth paying attention to elements such as socket cover to further increase the level of security.

There is a wide selection of products on the market such as end cap, which means that it is unlikely that anyone will have difficulty matching the most appropriate elements.

Standard curtains work as well as automatic shutters, which is their unquestionable advantage. And although there are different types of plugs, their common feature is that they cover the current paths when not in use.

Made of plastic is another advantage, because it is a great current insulator. As the plugs have two pins, they look like classic plugs. Also, the method of their assembly and use is the same, because the protective role is the leading. All you need to do is insert the plug into the contact so that it performs its function very well. However, how to remove the plug depends on its type. You can buy products from this category equipped with special strings, which allows you to quickly remove the plug. You can also buy models in which you insert the right plug and remove them when you pull it out. The earplugs will not burden the household budget because they do not cost much, but they will certainly protect against possible tragedies. That is why it is worth stocking up on such accessories.

Badges and plugs: aesthetic value

Badges and plugs are very useful elements, although there is no doubt about their aesthetic qualities. That is why it is so important to match them with the colors within the sockets where they will be located. Then everything will work as it should. Despite the fact that their main role is to mask openings and connecting elements, it is worth making sure that they are aesthetically pleasing. By sealing the socket, they will prevent dirt, dust and water from getting inside it. This, in turn, immediately translates into safety. They have an appropriate degree of tightness protection, so there will be no question of moisture being inside them. Home installation will be safe and run smoothly.

The selection of additional elements that help to control the light or protect against the ingress of external factors and protect the householders is as important as the selection of the main parts. You should be aware that only then will your entire home or workplace function properly.