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Catering cookers are the basis for equipping every gastronomic establishment. Without them, food preparation is impossible. The shopping offer of the MerXu online platform includes not only industrial kitchens, but also gastronomic ovens. Efficient devices ensure uninterrupted work, even in difficult conditions. The B2B platform also allows entrepreneurs who run a pizzeria and need pizza oven accessories. Thanks to them, the employee will more efficiently prepare the dishes ordered by customers. The gastronomic convection oven will significantly shorten the time of preparing dishes. Professional equipment enables faster preparation and issuing orders, which will greatly facilitate work in a restaurant.

Catering cookers

Gastronomic gas kitchen is the focal point of each restaurant. The quality of this equipment determines not only the speed of serving meals, but also their quality. Industrial kitchens must be equipped with professional gastronomic cookers - gas, electric or induction. The choice should depend on the individual approach of the entrepreneur and the connection options provided by the premises. It is worth choosing devices that can be stored or are equipped with a shelf on which pots and pans can be put.

The shopping offer of the MerXu online platform includes the necessary cooking utensils (for example a copper pan or a tall pot with a lid), as well as accessories for a pizza oven (the set includes an aluminum shovel, a pizza turning shovel and a brush for furnace). A kitchen in a catering establishment should meet the requirements of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, as well as have amenities in the form of shelves mounted on the walls for the necessary dishes or spices. Each room should have gas detectors and smoke alarms, which will increase the safety of both employees and guests.

Gastronomy ovens

The gastronomic convection oven is the best solution for gastronomy, due to its power, allowing for quick preparation of meals while maintaining all taste values. In this category you will also find a professional pizza oven, thanks to which you can expand the restaurant menu with several Italian items. Among the available equipment, you can also find an oven for baking potatoes, which will allow you to prepare vegetables while maintaining their delicious taste. When buying a gastronomic oven or a dedicated pizza device, it is also worth choosing a special cleaning brush. The cleanliness of the equipment is an important aspect - proper care increases the life of the equipment and its failure-free operation.

Suppliers who cooperate on a B2B basis also offer single shelves dedicated to furnaces. Thanks to them, it is possible to cook several dishes at the same time. In addition, you can also buy a stainless steel grate for stoves and ovens. In this category you can also find various types of accessories that will be useful during baking. Thanks to them, the confectioner will be able to prepare muffins, soufflés and other sweets.

In addition to the above devices, a disposable seal will also certainly be useful, which will effectively protect all packaging and containers. Both cookers and gastronomic stoves are very important elements of equipment for every kitchen in a gastronomic establishment. Save time and money by deciding to shop on the MerXu online shopping platform, which cooperates with many manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers from countries such as the Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia. It is worth choosing proven business partners. It is also worth looking at the other categories dedicated to the HoReCa industry and ordering the necessary products with delivery to the premises.