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Oils, lubricants and additives

Accessories to eliminate friction are indispensable for every motor vehicle. A wide range of engine oils, lubricants and additional accessories visible in our offer allows you to choose them for any vehicle. In this category, you will find universal options, but also options dedicated to a specific type of car. Oils, lubricants and additives will provide comprehensive assistance that will turn out to be necessary for the proper operation of the car.

Types and application of engine oils

There are three categories of engine oils - they are mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic oils. On our website you will find auctions of each of them. All of them are characterized by great performance parameters. Just remember to choose them according to the car's requirements. Engine oil is primarily to generate a reduction in the friction coefficient, which effectively lowers the operating temperature of the piston and crank system. It also prevents excessive wear of metal components, ensuring an uninterrupted oil film. The lubricating medium circulates inside the engine and effectively removes metal filings resulting from the work of the elements. It also cleans it of plastic residues. All contaminants are either separated in the oil filter or remain in the oil sump. Some car models use a timing chain drive. For its effective operation, engine oils are used, so in such cars it is even more important to regularly replace them with good quality products.

How to correctly choose the oil?

The engine oil to be used for each model is specified by the manufacturer. It determines the oil base and the viscosity under the influence of a specific temperature. Information on this can be found in the service book, on the Internet or on the website. A hint may be a label from the previous oil service placed under the hood. However, it is best to use the engine oil recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Their wide range can be found in this category. A selection error may result in incorrect lubrication due to different sealing values. It can also, to a greater extent, leach out the deposit and block narrow internal channels. Choose the oil according to the required specification, and you will certainly extend the life of individual structural elements.

When to change engine oil?

The oil interval is specified by the vehicle manufacturer. In most cases, it is not longer than 20,000 kilometers. However, regular replacement every 10,000 or 12,000 kilometers or once a year is recommended. Thanks to this engine oil retains its properties and you do not have to worry about the conditions of car operation. It is worth remembering that along with the lubricating medium, it is necessary to implement a new oil filter. It collects filings and small impurities that can seriously damage the engine. An exceptional situation is carrying out a major overhaul of the engine. Its first run should be carried out with fresh oil. Before proceeding to the break-in stage, fill in new engine oil.

Car lubricants

Car lubricants fulfil a similar role to oils. Grease is used to protect elements working or exposed to unusual external conditions. The following lubricants are most often used in vehicle mechanics:

  • Teflon,

  • copper,

  • ceramic,

  • aluminium,

  • graphite,

  • silicone,

  • white.

Each of them has different operating conditions and they should be selected in accordance with their intended use. For example, Teflon grease most often helps to improve the performance of plastic components and guides that ensure the movement of plastic components. It is water-free and fat-free. On the other hand, the preparation for electrical connections is used for contacts of installations using electric current. It protects against moisture and prevents the build-up of tar. In turn, grease white spray is perfect for improving the work of cables, hinges and closing mechanisms. It is waterproof and prevents corrosion.

On our website you will find a huge selection of auctions with spare parts for vehicles. Whether you want to choose engine oils, filters, suspension or brake components, you will surely find what you need. The offer includes components and oils from proven and reputable manufacturers. Familiarize yourself with other categories and take care of your car comprehensively.