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file files and conifers

Conifer files are tools designed for filing small surfaces or workpieces. They are small in size and have long, narrow blades. They are used in many industries, mainly in locksmith, precision mechanics, foundry, tool sharpening, etc.

Conifer file design

Conifer files consist of a working part and a handle and are small in size and elongated in shape. The working part has densely cross-cut blades of 16-56 cuts/cm. Needle files are homogeneous tools made of tool steel, which is why their handles are round steel shanks. These tools can also be equipped with plastic handles.

Types of needle files

Needle files are classified according to the density of cuts and the shape of their cross-section, with a distinction being made between flat, square, triangular, round, semicircular, knife, oval, lenticular, sword etc. In terms of application, a distinction is made between needle files for (1) hard materials (stainless steel, heat-resistant materials, non-ferrous hard metals, fibre-reinforced thermosets), (2) steel with a hardness of up to 1200 N/mm2 and plastics, and (3) wood.

Main technical characteristics of conifer files

The technical parameters that characterize conifer files are: length of working part, width of working part, thickness of working part, pitch, type (number), type of cut, shape of section and total weight.

Applications for conifer files

Needle files are used for the following machining operations: deburring, smoothing, chamfering and rounding, filing small flat surfaces. These tools are used for filing such materials as: alloy steel, non-hardened steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium, brass, bronze, precious metals, wood and hard plastics, very hard rubbers, laminates, technical ceramics, etc. Manufactured by Bahco, Gedore, Hazet, Stanley, Pferd and others.