Multipolar buttons

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Multipole buttons

All-pole buttons are used to turn electrical circuits on and off. They are most often used in home and office lighting installations. The vast majority of electrical switches of this type are devices with two tabs that control various electrical circuits. Normal operation in the off position of the multi-pole switch, keeps the contacts open (NO) and they close when the control panel is pressed. The double button is also used to control bells, shutters and shutters.

Multipole buttons - construction

The vast majority of multi-pole buttons are flush-mounted buttons . The principle of their operation is switching the working contacts with the use of levers on the control panel. A typical omnipolar button has two removable, movable switching panels. They activate the intermediate mechanism inside the housing located in the flush-mounted box. For each control panel there are two make contacts, which are open when disconnected. The mounting in the ground is made by means of claws pressed against the internal surfaces of the installation box by means of expansion screws. It is possible to attach fasteners to all surfaces, e.g. wooden tops of desks, cabinets and panels of devices controlling the operation of room lighting. Flush-mounted buttons, depending on the model, can be wired via a screw connection or a quick connector with a spring or lever clamp.

Multipole buttons are usually made of a thermoplastic material, which protects the user against electric shock. Most models are square or rectangular. They are often equipped with diodes informing about the button operation status for each panel controlling a specific circuit separately. The most common lamp colors are orange, green and red. The normally open switches are adapted to work in voltage line systems up to 250V and average current up to 10A. They can be assembled in groups with the use of serial boxes and cover frames with several modules next to each other. Modular multi-pole buttons with three control levers are also available for sale. Each section works as a make switch for a separate electrical circuit. They are used to control multi-point lighting or to turn on chandeliers equipped with many light sources.

Multipole buttons are also available in surface-mounted versions with an increased degree of protection, for applications in areas exposed to external conditions. It is possible to select the appropriate tightness class and use them in difficult weather conditions. The control of luminaires and other electrical equipment is then performed safely and in accordance with the standards for the protection of electrical installations.

Uses of multi-pole buttons

Multipole buttons are the basic control element in low voltage installations of all kinds. They are used as a normally open switch to switch various types of devices. Their most common purpose is to start and control lighting fixtures both in residential buildings and public utility facilities, as well as industrial halls, garages and all kinds of other electrical installations. In most cases, they have a protection degree of IP20, less often higher. This provides sufficient safety against electric shock to people and prevents direct contact with the electrical system of various small objects. In this protection class, the normally open switch has no protection against water ingress, but it is not necessary for this type of application.

Most domestic and public installations use flush-mounted buttons that allow you to control lighting fixtures, chandeliers and wall lamps. However, the multi-pole buttons are also used to control the operation of external sunscreen and anti-burglary blinds. They are also perfect as connectors for electric shutters, most often as a double button.